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Fashion Tips for Men: How to Dress Sharp and Attract Women

pie Hey Guys,

Just Dave here to tell you about how your outside appearance and fashion can play a HUGE role when you’re approaching certain types of girls. 

If you haven’t already read Malcolm’s “How to Dress to Attract Women” article read that first. This is about not getting blown out the water with the clothes you’re wearing.

Facing Reality: Clothes Don’t Make the Man!

So hopefully by now, you’ve read Malcolm’s article, but you’re still not getting the results you want!  Life is not like the movies, girls won’t aimlessly fall in love with you if you look like a slob. As Malcolm noted in “How to Dress to Attract Girls” women will first judge you on your outside appearance.

On the flip side though unless you have the confidence to back up your looks, women will see right through you. Girls can tell how you’re feeling. If you come off as uncomfortable, then she’s going to mirror that emotion back to you.   

But you said if I dress well I can attract women!?

Wearing a sweater vest is not a good choice if you’re trying to hit on a biker chick. Unless you come off as really sexy, she won’t see you on her level. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you try to disguise a broken bike . . . it’s still a broken bike until you put new bells and whistles on it. 

You have to sometimes completely rework yourself. 

Every girl is different, and there isn’t a one size fits all approach to women. There are different types of girls and you have to approach that girl and appeal to her. 

Having have to have a certain look will help, but you also need to have your fundamentals down. There isn’t some magic jacket you can wear to instantly pull girls. Girls like guys who can not only look good but who can ALSO have their OWN unique style. It’s something you have to play around with.

Find your fit: Not everything will look good on you

You have to wear something that will draw women’s eyes to you. Don’t overdo it though! I’m not talking about peacocking.  You want women to take you seriously, the idea is to keep it simple. 

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a cool hat or having a unique necklace. You want to wear things in moderation. Remember you don’t want to attract the wrong attention to yourself!  Refining your look takes time and a lot of effort. You have to find colors that go with your skin complexion.

For a casual walk around town I wear a brown leather jacket, with bright and colorful buttons downs, with my black jeans, and my grey boat shoes. It’s a look I could wear to the club, movies, bar, mall, bookstore . . .  you get the idea. 

For a formal event, I wear grey slacks, with black socks, black dress shoes, either a polo or solid color (red, blue or black) button down. I would also suggest buying an iron! You want to look crisp for these women.  

I spent a good year or so constantly refining my look to find something that works for me. What looks good on me may look hideous on you and vice versa. It’s also important to figure out the dress code of certain venues. 

Methods: Find what get’s you the most compliments!

Go out and find which one of your looks gets you the best results! Go to the mall, bookstore, club, etc . . . and see what gets girls staring at you and smiling. Take notice, “Do girls look excited or intimidated when I walk by?” or “Do women treat me like a man or a child when I open them?” You have the gauge their reception of you. Take notes and continuously strive to upgrade yourself.

Overall, I’ve noticed the better dressed you are, the better you look, and the less likely that you are to get completely blown off by a girl. 

This whole weekend I’ve opened up countless girls at many different venues. The looks I get these days and results are way different from when I use to dress when I was just starting out. 

People will treat you better when you start respecting yourself enough to show them how sexy you really can be.

– Just Dave

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