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Drop the Excuses and Do the Work

excusWe as human beings all make excuses about why we fail to accomplish certain goals. We can always think of SOME reason about why we have not yet achieved SUCCESS.

Whether it is making an excuse about why you did not approach a certain girl…

Whether it is making up some excuse about why women do not find you attractive…

Or whether it is coming up with an excuse about why you STILL have not quit your 9-5 day job and started your own business.

We as human beings, can ALWAYS come up with SOME excuse. But these little excuses that we continue to make, hurt us more than it helps us.

It prevents us from ever experiencing true success in life and it keeps us stagnant in life and never really progressing to the next level.

But if you want to change your life in a positive way, or date higher quality women, or increase your income, you will have to drop the excuses and get to work.

Stop Making Excuses and Just Do the Work

I never accomplished anything of significance in my life by making excuses. In fact, if I would have just stuck my nose to the grind, did the work, and removed all of my excuses, then I know for a FACT that I would have achieved my goals MUCH faster.

Instead of making excuses and debating about whether or not I should quit my day job, I would have immediately QUIT my job and start my own business.

Instead of making excuses about whether or not I should approach a certain girl, I would have just approached her, overcame my approach anxiety, and perhaps gotten her phone number.

Instead of making excuses about why I was not satisfied with my life, I would have examined my life, changed certain things that I was doing, and became a more happier man.

What stopped me from doing ALL of these things? Making excuses.

But years removed, I now realize what I should have done BACK THEN and what you can still do RIGHT NOW?

Drop the excuses and do the work.

If you want to quit your 9-5 day job, start your own business, and become successful, then you will do whatever is necessary to succeed at that goal WITHOUT making excuses.

You will stay up late and wake up early every single day to make sure that you get the work done. No excuses.

If you want to become a great seducer, be able to make any girl your girlfriend, and sleep with multiple women, then you will do whatever is necessary to succeed at that goal WITHOUT making excuses.

You will approach girl after girl and despite facing SOME rejection (which you will) you will continue to persist in pursuit of your goal… Because you know that short-term happiness does not trump long-term consistent happiness.

This is how you become a winner in life. And this is how you become a man who women are immensely ATTRACTED to. You go after whatever you want, and because of that, you become a man who gets what he wants.

Excuses: An In-Depth Look

“I would approach that girl, but she was surrounded by all of her friends.”


“I would text that girl, but she would probably flake on the date.”


“I would start my own business, but I currently work 14 hour shifts at my day job”


“I would write a book, but I have 4 small children to look after”


“Girls only like rich guys, handsome guys, tall guys, [BLANK]…”


“You need money to get girls, start a business, and travel the world”


Do You Want Success in Life or Not?

Face it, if you truly want something in life badly enough, then you will simply find a way to get it. You will make the time, you will take the necessary action, and you will DO THE WORK.

The only time that you DON’T do any of these things, is if you do not want something BADLY ENOUGH.

And that is the ultimate truth about succeeding in life and getting what you want.

To date the attractive women you desire, to start and run that profitable business you have always dreamed of, to experience true FREEDOM and live life on your own terms, you have to truly WANT IT.

So what do you truly want REALLY badly?

Do you want to date HOTTER women?

Do you want to make MORE money?

Do you want to BE more happy?

Do you want to LIVE more free?

If you want to experience ANY of these things, then drop the excuses and just do the work.

– Malcolm Thomas

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