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Don’t Fall in Love With Her Just Because She’s Beautiful

636x424xkendall-jenner-allure-cover-shoot-01.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4kTR0766UvI’m not going to lie, I used to be a huge sucker for love. I wanted a chick by my side and I thought it would fix all of my problems in life.

I was wrong and I realized that women are just a topping on the cherry, if you make a crappy cake (aka you are unhappy with yourself), then a cherry won’t make your cake (life) much better.

I know a lot of you guys feel that a chick in your life would make everything better and so this would make you appear desperate around women.

Getting a chick may fill your life with happiness in the short run or even the long run, but that depends on you.

For me, it made me happier in the short run but did not help in the long run.

When you get a chick who you enjoy talking to, it seems as if all of your problems are gone and that there’s no worry in your life, and this could just be an illusion.

However, I am sure that there’s girls out there that will make your life better and help you evolve and help you solve your problems.

A chick like that is wife material no matter her looks because that’s the type of chick worth marrying.

Trust me, I have talked to beautiful women who lacked personality and felt like they were the grand prize.

There was this one hot chick that NEVER texted me first and so I would always have to text her first. I really liked her and so I put in a lot of effort to try getting her to like me back.

I tried my best to have great conversations with her and ask her deep questions but this obviously won’t get every girl attracted to you.

However, I could not stop thinking about her and this really affected me since she would never text me first.

I used to wait a few days and I couldn’t resist texting her and so I would text her again just to talk to her.

On the other hand, there was this chick who was average looking but she always paid attention to me and regularly texted me first as well.

I realized how cool this chick was even though she wasn’t nearly as pretty as the girl I was infatuated with, but she genuinely cared about what I had to say and she motivated me to reach for my dreams.

I ignored this chick because I was so attracted to that pretty girl that never texted me first.

It sucks when the girl you are chasing doesn’t appear interested in you while there’s an average looking girl who is there for you and is by your side the whole time.

In most cases, we guys would go for the hot chick who thinks she’s the shit and wants guys to buy her fancy gifts and flower her with his wealth.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful chicks who are full of themselves because they have guys constantly buying them gifts or taking them out on expensive dates.

I am not a fan of these type of girls and even though I get attracted to them because of their looks, I tell myself that their looks will fade after time and that what’s on the inside is more important.

However, if you just want casual sex or are not planning for the long run, then there’s nothing wrong to attract beautiful chicks.

I’m just saying that if you ever plan for the long run, look carefully at her personality and her actions because her actions will speak louder than her words.

Trust me, I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to get beautiful chicks to like me and then I got to a point where I just deleted them off my phone and never talked to them.

These pretty girls made me think about them constantly and so I started looking for pretty chicks who also liked talking to me and didn’t have such a high ego.

You will meet pretty chicks who are full of themselves and you will also meet pretty chicks who are down to earth.

I say any chick that is down to earth regardless of looks is a chick you should keep saved in your phone.

Those hot girls who think they’re too good for every guy are a waste of time because you will always think about them and you will waste lots of time trying to get them to like you.

Trust me. it’s not worth it because I wasted months and months doing this until I got to a point where I just deleted them off my phone.

– Perry Keith

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