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Do You Need Money to Get Girls?

money“That guy only gets girls because he’s rich”

“Girls are only attracted to men who have money”,

“Once I’m making a LOT of money, THEN I’ll be able to attract women”

If you’re a man living in the 21st century, then I’m SURE that you have heard other guys say those things. Maybe YOU have even said those things at one point yourself.

Are these men right OR are these men wrong?

Do you NEED to have money to get girls AND does having money help you get girls more easier?

Do You NEED Money In Order to Get Girls?

Here’s the answer: The guys who usually proclaim and say those things are both half-right as well as half-wrong.

They ARE right in their claim that men who have money DO have an easier time attracting women. They are totally right about that.

They are WRONG when they claim that you NEED to have money in order to get girls.

I will explain why below…

Men Who Have Money DO Have An Easier Time Getting Girls

If you’ve been gullible and fallen to the myth that having money does NOT help you get girls, then you have been misled and lied to.

Having money IS important and DOES help you to get girls more easier.

When the choice comes between a guy WITH money and a guy with NO money competing over a girl, the guy who HAS money will 9 times out of 10 get the girl.

Yes, all else being equal, women prefer to date and sleep with men who HAVE money over men who DON’T have any money. And any Pick Up Artist who tries to telling you differently is simply trying to sell you snake oil.

But why exactly do men who have money have an easier time getting girls in order to begin with?

Having Money Gives You More Better Opportunities to Meet Women More Easier

The #1 biggest difference that money gives a man is opportunity. The more opportunity that you have to meet women, the more better that your success with them will ultimately be.

Think about it, who has more time and opportunities to meet MORE attractive women?

The man who is unemployed and worrying about what he’s gonna eat for lunch OR the man who lives a life of financial abundance and is able to go shopping at the mall during the middle of the day whenever he wants?

Who will girls become more intigued by and curious about?

The man who flips burgers at your local McDonald’s OR the man who constantly travels and is always on the move?

Having money not only gives you more better opportunity to meet women, it ALSO affords you the ability to dress better and have better fashion which is always ATTRACTIVE to women.

But with all of this being said, do you still NEED to have money in order to get girls?

Having Money Helps You Open, Your Fundamentals Will Help You Close

Having money will help give you the opening but your fundamentals is what will help you get the close.

What this means is, having money will allow you to meet MORE women, and girls will also be a LOT more receptive to you when you DO open them.


If you do not know how to USE that initial interest in order to take things FURTHER and close things out, you will STILL fail and struggle with women.

This is why many men who have LOT’S of money STILL struggle to get girls and hold onto them. Although these men are able to generate initial attraction much more easier than your “average” guy is, they DO NOT KNOW what to DO with that attraction, and what ends up happening is, girls get frustrated, impatient, and end up leaving these men for not having recognized their interest. 

These men with money CONTINUE to fail with women because they lack FUNDAMENTALS:

  • They do not adhere to the rule of moving fast when a girl is interested in you.
  • They do not know how and when to properly kiss girls and REALLY turn them on.
  • They do not know how to text girls and get them out on dates
  • They do not understand Body Language and how they can use it to get women aroused.

These men have MONEY but they do not have FUNDAMENTALS, which is essentail for getting sex.

Having Fundamentals + Money = A Deadly Combination

Does having money allow you to get girls much easier? YES

Do you NEED to have money in order to get girls with any degree of consistency? NO

But I’ll give you a reason for why you should WANT to have and make a lot of money: Men Who Have Money ARE Happier Men And LIVE Happier Lives.

Numerous studies have shown that a man isn’t truly happy until he’s making at least $75,000 per year. I don’t know about YOU but I LOVE to be happy and I LOVE to live a very successful and stressfree life.

The guys in the seduction community who argue in the sake of not NEEDING to have money in order to get girls are only shooting themselves in the foot when they do so.

Having money doesn’t JUST give you the opportunity to meet and get girls more easier, It ALSO allows you to lead a more HAPPIER life and to provide better for your family.

The most deadly combination that you can have is having money AND having tight girl getting fundamentals. When you have BOTH of these 2 things, you’re almost impossible to beat and girls will simply find themselves chasing you, attracted to you, and doing everything they can to get YOU into bed with them.

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