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Do Looks Trump Game?

ninkA reader recently wrote in explaining to me why he believes that game does not really work.

He basically told me that whenever he goes out to bars or clubs or house parties, he always notices only the “good looking” guys kissing and hooking up with all of the girls.

Essentially he was telling me that despite him spending a considerable amount of time reading and learning about “game”, and despite him reading this site and others like it, he still has not been achieving the kind of success with women that he really wants.

In his mind, looks, height, physique, and all of these OTHER things is what really matters when it comes to whether or not a girl will sleep with you… or DATE you.

Well… I have yet to respond back to him, but I am gonna respond back to him NOW!

Is being naturally good looking all that really matters when it comes to getting girls?

Can your lack of “good looks”, being tall, or having a muscular physique PREVENT you from ever getting laid or getting a girlfriend?

Is learning how to talk to girls or text girls really just a complete waste of your time?

In other words, Do “Looks” Trump “Game”?

“Game” Vs. “Looks”

In reality, the reader who wrote in about the “looks trump game” message is half right and half wrong. And what he is stating IS mostly true. I mean just look around you or visit a nightclub…

Most of the cute girls in bars and clubs do end up going home with good looking, smooth, buff men. And most of the good looking guys do seem to be having the most fun while the ugly unattractive men are usually found standing in the corner all by themselves looking sad, miserable, and desperate.

So is this really all that there is?

I mean let’s be honest for a second, the truth and reality is that – all else being equal – women prefer good looking men over, how can I say this politely… not so good looking men. Women really do prefer for their men to be buff, have nice teeth, be tall, etc.

So is learning about women and game just a total drain of your time and resources?

Should you just FORGET about game altogether and go about trying to attract women using your money, car, and other material possessions?

The answer is NO. Learning game is NOT a complete waste of your time and in a moment you are about to find out exactly why…

“Good Looks” Alone is NOT Enough

Picture this scenario…

A woman is sitting on a crowded bus and she notices an attractive man sitting 3 seats in front of her. And she very clearly LIKES this man. She even begins playing with her hair and sensually licking her lips.

But the man does not notice her at all. And once his bus stop is reached, he gets off the bus and walks out of her life FOREVER. And the girl simply goes back to texting other guys and girls on her phone.

What just happened?

NOTHING! That is what just now happened. Nothing at all just happened.

And this is the reality for 98% of the good looking men walking the earth. Oh yeah, they are definitely very handsome and good looking men, BUT, and there is a caveat… They do not KNOW how to use their good looks to their advantage.

These good looking men get PLENTY of attraction signals thrown their way daily, they get plenty of girls flirting with them and eye-fucking them every single day, however… Nothing TANGIBLE ever materializes out of it.

When girls smile at them, they do not know how to react.

When they are out on dates with girls, they do not know how to escalate.

Even when they luckily GET a girl’s phone number, they lack the proper knowledge necessary to turn that phone number into a DATE.

In one sentence: These guys HAVE “good looks” but NOTHING ELSE. And THIS is what will cause these naturally good looking men to remain single, lonely, and leading a sexless life.

And the reason for this is because although women VALUE good looks in a man, or muscles on a man, or a man being tall, they still need YOU to TAKE ACTION and progress the interaction, or the date, or the relationship to the next level.

No matter how “good looking” of a man that you are, no matter how TALL that you are, no matter how BIG that you have managed to make your arms grow in the gym, the onus is still upon YOU to make the first move, recognize a woman’s attraction signals, and understand her “secret language”.

No matter how much that a girl likes you, she will still expect YOU to make the first move.

This is how come men who proclaim that learning game is a waste of time is WRONG.

Yes, some good looking guys are naturally outgoing, confident, sociable men. However MOST good looking guys are shy, have approach anxiety, is afraid to talk to women, and settle for the mediocre women who pursue them.

Without properly learning game, most guys will be unable to recognize a woman’s attraction signals or quickly escalate when the time is right.

Without properly learning game, most guys will not know how to text girls and set up dates or talk to girls online without appearing needy and desperate.

Without properly learning game, most guys will NEVER overcome their fear of rejection or approach anxiety.

Without learning game, most guys will NEVER (or barely) manage to get laid consistently. 

“Good looks” alone do NOT guarantee success with women. Yes good looks can help, but good looks alone can NEVER consistently get you girls.

As if you needed more proof that good looks alone cannot get you girls…

I Tried Getting Girls Without Game

Many years ago, I tried getting girls WITHOUT taking the time to properly learn game. And let me tell you that I failed miserably. In fact, I crashed and burned and experienced NO success.

And I took the task of being good looking like it was a chore. I made SURE that I always looked GOOD whenever I left my house. My fashion and style was on point, my shoes were polished, my hair was slicked back and looking good, and guess how many women doing all of that got me?


You see, whenever I went out to bars, clubs, or parties, women would notice me, and try to get my attention, and try to flirt with me, but again, nothing TANGIBLE would ever materialize out of this because I was CLUELESS.

I was clueless when it came to talking to women, or touching women, and connecting with women emotionally.

Yes I had “good looks” but NOTHING ELSE. No girlfriend, no sex partners or friends with benefits, nothing, zilch, ZERO.

So I turned to game and that’s when EVERYTHING started to change for me…

You NEED Game to Consistently Have Sex With Lots of Girls

Let me be blunt and totally honest with you…

You do NOT need to learn game if you do not have a desire to have sex with lots of different women. You also do not need to learn game if you are satisfied getting laid every ONCE in a while.

Most guys will eventually find SOME girl who will be willing to sleep with them. Call it luck, the law of statistics, or whatever, but most guys will eventually get laid SOMEDAY.

But for the readers who visit this site, I am guessing that this is not good enough for you. And really, it is not good enough for me either.

Here is the unadulterated and perhaps uncomfortable truth:  if you’re an “average” guy looking for “consistent and high-levels of success with girls” then you have to really, really want it badly. 

You have to want it to an almost unhealthy degree. You have to be SO obsessed with succeeding with women, that you are willing to do whatever it takes.

This could mean forcing yourself to leave your house everyday and say “Hi” to 10 different girls.

Or this could mean forcing yourself to keep your head up when you are walking and smile more often at women.

This could also mean learning how to start a conversation with a new girl who you are interested in meeting.

This could also mean learning how to talk to girls on the phone and improving your voice tone.

But the fact remains: if you are an average guy who is looking to have LOT’S of sex with LOT’S of attractive beautiful women, then you will HAVE to put in the numbers and you will HAVE to do the work.

You will have to revamp your ENTIRE image as a man and you will have to remove some of your past false preconceived misconceptions about how women really are and what women really want.

You will have to transform yourself from an average common man to a man who is determined to get what he wants.

Does doing all of this sound like a lot of work? Yes, No, perhaps.

Regardless about how hard this all sounds, know this: It CAN be done.

I have changed my life for the better because I was determined to, thousands of other men have, and YOU can too.

But you have to truly want success with women… Badly.

A lot of guys will sometimes ask me the question “is learning how to pick up women hard?”

But the truth is, that is the wrong question to ask. How about asking yourself THIS question…

Is learning how to pick up women worth it?

I am guessing that a lot of you guys (including me) would say “Yes” emphatically.

Because when you get right down to the cold hard truth: You can NEVER be truly happy until you first get the woman side of your life handled.

Sure you can (and will) experience SOME success in other parts of your life, but you will NEVER be fully satisfied with your life until you know deep down that you have the ability to get any kind of girl that YOU want.

“Looks or Game?” To Succeed With Women You Need BOTH

You cannot rely on ONLY “looks” or “game” to consistently get girls. If you want to consistently have beautiful girls end up in your bed, then you need BOTH.

This is why if you ever hear a pick up artist or “guru” tell you to ONLY focus on improving your looks, then they are LYING to you.

Good looks alone do NOT guarantee you lots of consistent awesome sex with beautiful women and it never ever will. To have beautiful women end up in your bed consistently, you need to rely on MORE than just “good looks”.

Suppose you are talking to a girl and you soon discover that she likes you, what should your next move be?

What should you say? Should you invite her home for a quick one night stand? Should you ask for her phone number?

These are all very important questions that you NEED to know and you will not find out the answers to these very important questions by ONLY focusing on “looking good”.

You need to learn, study, and master “game” TOO. So you need BOTH good looks and game to truly reach your full potential and achieve the kind of success that you ultimately want.

“Game” or “Good Looks”?

My answer is, you need BOTH.

– Malcolm Thomas

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