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Discipline is the KEY to Achieving Success

leaderDiscipline is the ONE trait that you cannot buy but instead you must earn.

And developing discipline is the #1 thing that allowed me to QUIT my 9-5 day job, travel the world, and become successful with women.

Discipline is THE #1 key that separates the winners from the losers.

The fakers from the killers and real dealers.

The guys who will achieve SUCCESS from the guys who will ultimately FAIL at life.

Let me explain to you more in-depth WHY self-discipline is the KEY to achieving success and is the #1 thing that you simply MUST develop and learn if you want to lead a life that is full of happiness and success.

How Lacking Self-Discipline Can Permanently DESTROY Your Life

When you lack self-discipline in life you will find it IMPOSSIBLE to get any type of meaningful work done.


Well, because you lack the necessary self-discipline to stay FOCUSED on achieving your goals.

You lack the necessary self-discipline to stay grounded and productive and instead will find yourself wasting time doing useless tasks such as browsing Facebook or masturbating and watching internet porn.

When you lack self-discipline you will find yourself unable to stay disciplined in all aspects of your life.

You currently SUCK with women?

Too bad, you are not disciplined enough to actually leave your house and DO something about it.

You are currently working a crappy 9-5 job that pays you like crap?

Too bad, you lack the self-discipline to actually build yourself a successful business and make money online.

Can’t stop watching porn and masturbating every single night?

Too bad. A lack of self-discipline will cause to KEEP watching porn every night and feeling sorry for yourself.

Want to improve your dating life and begin approaching 10 new women per day?

Good luck but that WON’T happen. Heck, with you being undisciplined you will be unable to stay committed and approach ONE new girl per day.

Are you beginning to notice a common and very REAL problem?

When you lack self-discipline in your life, you will ALWAYS be unable to get ahead in life and become successful.

If you lack discipline, you will always:

  • SUCK with women.
  • Work at a crappy 9-5 job making low income
  • Be crappy at relationships and maintaining friendships
  • Be unable to stay FOCUSED at completing important projects or accomplishing certain goals
  • You will always be complaining and blaming your problems on OTHER people
  • And the worst of all, you will NEVER be able to improve or turn your life around

But there is a way for you to develop self-discipline and begin to change your life…

How to Develop Self-Discipline: GET SERIOUS and Drop The Excuses

The KEY to developing self-discipline is making the decision to GET SERIOUS with your life and start turning things around.

The secret to developing self-discipline is dropping all of your excuses about WHY you are still unsuccessful in THIS part of your life or THAT part of your life and to ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for where you are at in life and do EVERYTHING in your power to change your life and turn things around.

Notice the 2 most important phrases?

You must first STOP making any excuses about why you are still unsuccessful and then you must accept TOTAL responsibility for why you are still unsuccessful.

But wait… it doesn’t stop there.

Next you must do EVERYTHING in your power to turn things around and change your life. And when I say do everything in your power I literally mean EVERYTHING.

This means that if you are still making less than $30,000 per year working at McDonald’s you get OFF YOUR ASS and you either start your own business or you begin trying every single day to find and get a more better higher paying job.


I don’t care if you work the night-shift. Then you wake up extra early in the morning and you spend at least 5 HOURS trying to find a better higher paying job.

Or you spend 5 HOURS every single day starting and building your own business on the side.

This means that if you are TERRIBLE with women, you do everything in your power to change that.

Learning day game and approaching women on the streets and in the malls.

Mastering online dating and creating an online dating profile that attracts women FOR YOU.

And not letting rejection or approach anxiety stand in your way of getting laid or scoring that one night stand.


A Personal Example From My Life About Self-Discipline

Recently, you may have noticed more posts and new articles appearing more frequently on the blog. This is NOT an accident. This is intentional. Matter of fact, this is actually discipline in motion.

For years I would try to stay consistent posting frequently on the blog but every single time I would stop posting and give up. And you guys would notice. Sometimes MONTHS would go by before a new article appeared on the blog.

My goal now is to become more disciplined at writing and producing awesome content for you guys. I have made it my personal mission to write AT LEAST 2,000 words per day even if the article that I write is not posted onto the site.

Performing this exercise has allowed me to become not only better disciplined but also better at writing. And now because I forced myself to write more, I naturally began to enjoy writing more too.

This is how you develop discipline and this is how you learn and improve a new skill. You FORCE yourself to do something whether you want to or not.

You do this because the goal is NOT to become better at that particular skill although you will find that this is a natural side-effect. You do this because the goal is to become more disciplined. Plain and simple.

Get Disciplined… Get Success… It Is JUST That Simple

Once you become disciplined and COMMITTED to improving your life, only then will your life begin to change.

You must become COMMITTED and disciplined to achieve all of your goals.

You must become OBSESSED with success and you must take NO prisoners.

You must aim to achieve success in life with an unwavering amount of FOCUS and will.

Once you do that, then you will achieve success.

Once you develop discipline, then you can become successful with women.

Once you develop discipline, then you can become successful in business and with money.

Once you develop discipline, then you will finally be able to QUIT watching porn.

Once you develop discipline, then your life will change.

Is developing discipline EASY?

No, but it IS simple. All that you must do is visualize the life that you want to lead and then MAKE THE DECISION to turn that dream into your reality.

Trust me, it CAN be done. I am living proof of that.

I transformed myself from a guy was BAD with women and could not get a date to save his life into a man who is able to make girls chase him and land DATES with hot women whenever I want.

I transformed myself from a guy who was working low paying retail and factory jobs into a man who built a highly successful six-figure blog and now I can travel the world and make money HOW I want whenever I want.

I transformed myself from a guy who always ran FROM his fears into a guy who became excited at the first opportunity to actually FACE his fears.

But doing all of this requires ONE thing: Discipline. And not only discipline but self-discipline.

And at the end of the day, you either have it or you don’t. 

It is easy to stay disciplined working a factory job while your boss is standing over you 5 hours a day keeping an eye on you and telling you to work faster.

It is MUCH more HARDER to stay self-disciplined and continue working on your own business when you are actually in the mood to watch some TV. Now that requires will, determination, and guts.

Are You Serious About Changing Your Life? …Then Get Disciplined.

Whenever I hear guys tell me that “You are so lucky and I wish that I could do what you do”, I always respond back to them the exact SAME WAY…

You CAN do what I do but you choose NOT to.

You CHOOSE to continue working a crappy job and getting paid peanuts.

You CHOOSE to continue watching porn, masturbating, and then wondering why you CAN’T get laid?

You CHOOSE to do all of these things because you lack discipline, you lack an unshakable belief in yourself, and you lack the ability to say “I HAD ENOUGH” and “IT IS TIME TO CHANGE”.

You CAN live the life that I lead and you definitely CAN live the life that YOU want to lead.

All it requires is getting serious about improving your life, letting go of ALL your excuses, and doing EVERYTHING in your power to change your life.

– Malcolm Thomas

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