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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Outcome (and Attract Women at the Same Time)

outcomeHave you ever had a friend who seemed to attract every girl out there?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What’s he doing that I’m missing?”

I had a friend just like this who always had women throwing themselves at him and I used to observe what he was doing differently than most of the men out there.

I noticed that he always had many options with women as he believed that there was an abundance of women out there waiting to be discovered.

This belief he had about women changed the way he behaved around women (not acting desperate and needy) which changed the way women reacted to him.

How people act and behave can be rooted to the beliefs they hold about themselves, others, and society etc. These beliefs are usually enforced during childhood, and they are reinforced by the evidence you collect to support your beliefs.

For example, if you believe that you are not good at math, you will look for evidence to support that belief. You may remind yourself of that time you failed a math test, or that time someone asked you to calculate something in your head and you got the wrong answer.

Think of a belief as a table top and the evidence as the legs to support the table. If you believe you are good at talking to women (table top), then you will find evidence to support that belief (table legs).

Coming back to my friend, I figured that he believed he was a ladies’ man, and so he would bring together evidence to suggest that he was a ladies’ man.

For example, some evidence to suggest his belief was that he had gotten laid before and that he was a good lover in bed. This evidence supported his beliefs and thus he acted in a way that supported his beliefs.

After attracting women, he would use this as evidence to support his belief about how he was a ladies’ man and this snowballed into a positive cycle.

Empowering and positive beliefs can change someone for the better. Here’s a small worksheet that anyone can use to change their beliefs, and ultimately change their outcome.


1. State an empowering belief or a belief you WANT to have (ex. I believe that I can have good conversations with women)

2. Find evidence to SUPPORT this belief (ex. A girl once told me that she had fun talking to me. Girls laugh at my jokes and find me funny)

3. Read steps 1) and 2) once a day and come up with more supporting evidence to strengthen your belief

Follow these steps and you will change your life in a very positive way.

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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