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How to Pick Up Bartenders and Waitresses.

Have you ever went out to a restaurant or a bar and saw a beautiful woman serving you or serving drinks behind the bar? You wonder how many times she gets hit on in a day and that you have NO CHANCE with her because there will always be some guy whose better than you […]

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Women WANT Sex (How to Be the Man She Sleeps With)

One of the BIGGEST myths that way too many men falsely believe is that women do NOT like sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women LOVE sex. They absolutely crave it. Sex is one of the TOP 3 things that they all constantly think about. Make no mistakes about it, women WANT sex. […]

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How to Get Laid at College

College can be a fun and exciting place to meet new people and to have new experiences. For many people, College is the time to party as much as you can and to have as much sex as you can. I did not do that much partying in my College/University years but I had friends […]

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How to Get Laid at After Parties

The stuff I am going to discuss in this article is from my own experience and from my friends’ experiences for when we all used to party together. As many of you probably know, I was a shy and introverted person during my high school and my University years, but this had changed during my […]

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How I Got Girls Using Indirect Game

This may be the most CONFUSING thing to do in the world. How the fuck do you get girls being INDIRECT? You might be thinking, that this shit won’t work. Think again. I met a lot of women before and today I’ll tell you that this shit is almost the same as being DIRECT. The […]

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How to Get Laid When You’re Broke

I recently had a reader write in asking me how to get laid when you’re broke and more importantly, CAN you get laid when you are broke? The answer to his question is “Yes”, you definitely CAN very easily get laid when you are broke, and in fact, this is exactly how I used to […]

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How to Avoid a False Rape Accusation

Alright, so enough guys have wanted to know my thoughts and opinion about this subject and so I felt it was time that I finally did talk about it. And make no mistake about it, this IS a problem that has been running rampant throughout the entire world (and mostly in the United States). As […]

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