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Hang Around Women to Attract More Women

There has been many times where I noticed chicks checking me out whenever I was hanging out with females. This applied to lots of places such as at the mall, University, Library or any other public place. Why do you think this happens?  Why do you think women show more interest in you when you’re with a girl? […]

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Lust or Love?

Have you ever met a girl and wondered, “She’s the one!” This used to happen to me all the time I saw an insanely attractive chick. But the times I have actually got into a relationship with them, I realized we actually had NOTHING in common. It’s fun dating an attractive chick for a while, but in my case […]

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She isn’t “The One”

What made you think she was “the one”?  People who are really good at putting puzzles together seem to have a formula, or outline, for doing it.  They begin with the outer edges and work their way in. They take the first, easier or “obvious” pieces and build momentum from there.  Along the way, the […]

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Single on Valentine’s Day? Read this!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m sure that some of you are feeling that whole romantic vibe going whenever you go out in public. If it makes you feel lonely and sad that you don’t have a date for Valentines, don’t worry about it! I know that it could be kind of depressing staying […]

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The Forbidden Fruit (Why Women Sometimes Chase Taken Men)

First of all, the forbidden fruit in this article’s term is a suggestion that you want what you CAN’T have. I have seen this happen numerous times throughout my high school and University years. I have seen my single friends who had no attention from women to suddenly having women throwing themselves at them as […]

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The Top 3 Characteristics Your Dream Woman Should Have

Do you want to find your dream girl? To be honest, I have never met a guy who didn’t want to find the woman of his dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in one night stands, if you want to end up in a relationship or if you even dream about getting married […]

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