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Talking to Hot Women Vs. Ignoring Them

A reader of this site recently wrote in asking whether it is better to talk to hot women or simply ignore them and “hope” that they will eventually start a conversation with you first. This article is written to answer his question and explain why you SHOULD sometimes talk to hot women but also why […]

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What to Say to a Girl You Like

I had a lot of times in which I did not know what to say to girls I liked and this usually led to an awkward silence or them leaving. It took a lot of trial and error to find out decent stuff to say to girls I was interested in. Here are some things you can say to […]

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My ‘Beta’ Friend vs My ‘Player’ Friend

I know a friend of mine who was always on the move to meet chicks and sleep with them. Guess what I noticed? Girls actually became attracted to him even though they didn’t know he was messing around with other chicks at the same time. I’m sure some of his girls found out but yeah, […]

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How to Pick Up Bartenders and Waitresses.

Have you ever went out to a restaurant or a bar and saw a beautiful woman serving you or serving drinks behind the bar? You wonder how many times she gets hit on in a day and that you have NO CHANCE with her because there will always be some guy whose better than you […]

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How to Pick Up A Girl Who’s with A Male Friend

Have you ever seen a hot chick with a guy and asked yourself if that was her boyfriend or just a friend/cousin/brother? This happens a lot and it makes guys skip on talking to her because most of the times they assume that it’s her boyfriend. The stuff I am going to talk about may work better in a […]

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One Simple Tip on Getting Girls to Chase You and Get Laid

I have this one friend of mine who is a huge player and gets laid constantly on the regular. He’s an average looking dude but he has game no doubt! He obviously gets rejected sometimes but getting laid definitely outweighs all the rejections. You can get rejected nine times in a row but if you get laid on your […]

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How to Make a Girl Like You

This is the million dollar question, well not really, but I’m sure many guys are trying to find out how to make girls like them. This article is from my own opinion and experiences, and so every girl is different but this article should help you attract girls. First of all, most guys are pretty shallow in terms of […]

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How to Pick Up Girls at the Gym

I’m sure that many of you guys have seen a hot chick at the gym that you wanted to meet.  Maybe it was the nice tights she was wearing or her body or whatnot. There will always be that chick at the gym that infatuates you and makes you want to work out even harder and get in better […]

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