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Discipline is the KEY to Achieving Success

Discipline is the ONE trait that you cannot buy but instead you must earn. And developing discipline is the #1 thing that allowed me to QUIT my 9-5 day job, travel the world, and become successful with women. Discipline is THE #1 key that separates the winners from the losers. The fakers from the killers […]

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How to END a Life of Depression and Negative Thinking

Recently, a reader wrote in with the following message: “Hey, this is a DESPERATE message to Malcolm Thomas about depression,hopelessness,and killing yourself. Long story short I would REALLY appreciate if you could do an article on depression, suicide feeling very very down. ways to battle and conquer and stop it thank you.” Normally I don’t […]

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STOP Reading Books… START Reading People

Today I am going to share with you one of the BEST pieces of advice that my old mentor once shared with me… …and the advice is quite simple but stupidly effective. Here is one of the best pieces of advice that my old mentor shared with me and what I am about to share […]

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The Biggest Difference Between Being a Winner and a Loser

Hello, my fellow Women Attracted readers. We are already halfway through the year, and right now I have some very important questions to ask you. Have you accomplished the goals that you have set for yourself? Are you closer to achieving greater success in the woman side of your life? What about the financial side […]

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One Way to Achieve Success Quicker

This article is going to be on one way of achieving success faster. What’s this way? Surround yourself with people who want to achieve success as badly as you do. If you have a friend who is also striving for success, team up with him/her and you can DOUBLE the amount of work you can […]

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How to QUIT Watching Porn… Forever

Recently, a member of the Women Attracted Forum asked me a very simple and straightforward question… How can a man STOP watching porn? and what are some effective ways to stay away from porn? And I gave him a somewhat general and short answer, but I wanted to really answer his question more publicly so […]

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How Taking Action Starts With Having Certainty

Have you ever had an idea to do something and then found yourself not taking any action towards achieving it? For example, have you ever gotten SO motivated to look for a job but then found yourself surfing on the internet?  If you don’t believe that you will be able to do something, then what […]

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