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The Forbidden Fruit (Why Women Sometimes Chase Taken Men)

First of all, the forbidden fruit in this article’s term is a suggestion that you want what you CAN’T have. I have seen this happen numerous times throughout my high school and University years. I have seen my single friends who had no attention from women to suddenly having women throwing themselves at them as […]

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5 Guaranteed Ways to End Up Alone

Do you want to have a girlfriend or do you want to end up alone? Do you want to have an amazing girl in your life with whom you have the most amazing time of your life inside and outside of the bedroom or do you want to continue jerking off to porn? Good question, […]

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Why Dating Career Women is Not as Bad as You Think

I bet you have never thought about the fact that it can actually have a few benefits when you decide to date career women. How can I say something like that? Don’t I know that dating career women is the worst thing that you can possibly do? I know that a lot of popular manosphere […]

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Why You Should Be Picky

Are you one of those guys who dream about seducing every woman on this planet? Are you one of the guys who are into the idea to take another woman home every single night? In case you dream about leading every girl you meet straight into your bedroom, you should rethink this idea. I know […]

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Why Girls Still Flake On You

Every man has experienced moments in his life that he would love to forget. One of those magic moments is when you just got a phone number from a girl and you could explode because you are so happy, just to find out that she doesn’t pick up the phone when you are calling her. […]

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5 Reasons to Learn the Language of the Girl You are Dating

In case you are familiar with my website you already know that I love to date women from all over the world and that I derive the most satisfaction from spending my time having sex with beautiful exotic women. In the last couple of years I traveled to quite a few countries and with every […]

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Why Do Men Allow Women to Give Them Drama?

Why do so many men continue to put up with drama from women? Why do so many men continue to argue with girls, chase them, apologize to them, and try to impress and win them over? In this article, I plan to answer this question and tackle it head on. The REAL reason why men […]

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When You Should End a Date

When should you end a date? Have you ever been on a date that is completely boring, maybe even annoying and after the first ten minutes you already knew that you and the girl you are dating will never end up in bed or in a relationship? I think every man who goes on a […]

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