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Goodbye and Good Luck: Women Attracted is Getting Shut Down

Hey Women Attracted readers, Today I have some sad yet necessary news to share with you all. I have decided to shut this site down. My reasons? Well, basically, I have now lost all interest in talking about attracting and sleeping with girls non-stop. The truth be told, there is only SO MUCH that I […]

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Why Getting Rich isn’t an Assurance of Getting the Girl

I’ll keep this short and sweet fellas. Days ago, my sister was talking about her friend. Let’s name the guy, down syndrome. So my sis was talking about this rich guy with down syndrome. (By the way this guy looks like shit.) seriously. This story is a classic fake alpha to beta type of story. […]

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is She interested in You? Text Her and Find Out

I can honestly say that majority of the time, I ALWAYS had to text a girl first and start a conversation with her. I’m not talking about when you’re in a relationship with a woman but more so when you just meet her initially. I feel like girls don’t want to text guys first because […]

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The ‘Flip The Table Method’ To Attracting Hot Women

Let’s talk about ‘flipping the table’ and getting some pussy, gentlemen! Are you ready to break that dry spell? Hell yeah?! Good enough for me. 1. Flip those ‘NO’s to YES! How? This is what I did to improve my game. Before: Can I have your number? × Slight Revision: Hey you’re awesome! Give me your […]

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She isn’t “The One”

What made you think she was “the one”?  People who are really good at putting puzzles together seem to have a formula, or outline, for doing it.  They begin with the outer edges and work their way in. They take the first, easier or “obvious” pieces and build momentum from there.  Along the way, the […]

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Single on Valentine’s Day? Read this!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m sure that some of you are feeling that whole romantic vibe going whenever you go out in public. If it makes you feel lonely and sad that you don’t have a date for Valentines, don’t worry about it! I know that it could be kind of depressing staying […]

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Don’t Give Her Too Much Attention

I used to give women LOADS of attention before that just led to them running away from me, metaphorically speaking. While on the other hand, my friend who had a girlfriend did not give much attention to new women he met, and it seemed that some women actually became attracted to him. I don’t know whether […]

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How to Use Push-Pull to Get Women Attracted to You

The main concept of this article is to act interested in women and then show disinterest in them afterwards, repeating this cycle over and over again. Women use this on men a lot and I don’t know if they naturally do it or are playing games. What happens a lot is that women will show […]

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