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How You Can Overcome Rejection With Women

If you have been out actively approaching women, I’m sure you’ve probably noticed something about some of your interactions. Those interactions that don’t go as you’d like. Where you got no smile back… Where you got nothing in return to your hello… Where you got a cold shoulder… You don’t need to think too hard […]

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How To Date A Girl – 11 Actionable Steps To Get You Started

Most guys fail to meet and score with women because they are looking for everything to be perfect and simply do not know how to date a girl. These guys feel that everything has to be perfect in their lives before they can succeed with women. I hope you can see what’s wrong with this […]

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Women Are a Waste of Time

Yes, I said it. Women are a complete and utter waste of time. Chasing women is a complete waste of time. Dating women is a total waste of your time. Having female friends is an absolute waste of your time. Women are only good for ONE thing… and outside of SEX and companionship, what could […]

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How to Eliminate Flakes: STOP Getting Phone Numbers

Today I am going to give you the #1 secret to eliminating flakes from your life completely. This is THE trick and secret to stopping girls from flaking on you. To stop girls from wasting your time. To stop yourself from wasting mental energy thinking about a girl or becoming OBSESSED with her. Want to […]

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Women ARE Replaceable

Let me share with you one secret to achieving MASSIVE success with women and this secret ONLY requires knowing and understanding this ONE simple concept… Women ARE Replaceable. Women are replaceable. It’s true. No matter how great that you think a certain girl looks… No matter how good you believe that a certain girl acts… […]

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Hang Around Women to Attract More Women

There has been many times where I noticed chicks checking me out whenever I was hanging out with females. This applied to lots of places such as at the mall, University, Library or any other public place. Why do you think this happens?  Why do you think women show more interest in you when you’re with a girl? […]

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Lust or Love?

Have you ever met a girl and wondered, “She’s the one!” This used to happen to me all the time I saw an insanely attractive chick. But the times I have actually got into a relationship with them, I realized we actually had NOTHING in common. It’s fun dating an attractive chick for a while, but in my case […]

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