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How To Date A Girl – 11 Actionable Steps To Get You Started

Most guys fail to meet and score with women because they are looking for everything to be perfect and simply do not know how to date a girl. These guys feel that everything has to be perfect in their lives before they can succeed with women. I hope you can see what’s wrong with this […]

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Talking to Hot Women Vs. Ignoring Them

A reader of this site recently wrote in asking whether it is better to talk to hot women or simply ignore them and “hope” that they will eventually start a conversation with you first. This article is written to answer his question and explain why you SHOULD sometimes talk to hot women but also why […]

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Women Are a Waste of Time

Yes, I said it. Women are a complete and utter waste of time. Chasing women is a complete waste of time. Dating women is a total waste of your time. Having female friends is an absolute waste of your time. Women are only good for ONE thing… and outside of SEX and companionship, what could […]

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Women ARE Replaceable

Let me share with you one secret to achieving MASSIVE success with women and this secret ONLY requires knowing and understanding this ONE simple concept… Women ARE Replaceable. Women are replaceable. It’s true. No matter how great that you think a certain girl looks… No matter how good you believe that a certain girl acts… […]

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How to Get a Girl’s Attention and Keep It

Have you ever seen businessmen walking in the streets and women give them double takes? Or have you seen a guy getting many looks from women around him? I have seen this lot’s and LOT’S of times because it’s good to learn from the best, right? The guys that I saw getting looks from women had a few things […]

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How I Messed Up My Chances With A Beautiful Girl, Part 2

As from my last article, I talked about how I messed up my chances with this hot chick in which I ended up learning a lot from my mistakes. I learned that rejection is a good thing if you learn from it. I know a lot of dudes are embarrassed about getting rejected in public […]

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How I Messed Up My Chances With A Beautiful Girl, Part 1

Have you ever met a girl and then realized that you screwed your chances with her yet you still had a lot of affection for her? It’s a crappy feeling obviously and it makes you wonder what went wrong and how to fix it. I had met this one chick during my first year in […]

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How to Pick Up Girls at the Gym

I’m sure that many of you guys have seen a hot chick at the gym that you wanted to meet.  Maybe it was the nice tights she was wearing or her body or whatnot. There will always be that chick at the gym that infatuates you and makes you want to work out even harder and get in better […]

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