The Blueprint To Success

A Step-By-Step Guide To Demolish Your Insecurities, Accomplish Bigger Goals, And Develop A Dominant Social Presence

The Blueprint To Success Is The Exact System I Used To Quit My Job, Start My Own Business, Date Hotter Women, And Achieve The Lifestyle Of My Dreams

A fully comprehensive guide detailing how to motivate yourself, accomplish bigger goals, conquer your fears, and develop the type of confidence people notice from across the room, The Blueprint To Success comes complete with everything you need to know to become the “Alpha Male” we all want to be

Destroy Insecurities 

Learn a step-by-step process to demolish fears that are holding you back

Accomplish Bigger Goals

Escape the common mistakes that prevent most men from success and bind them to mediocrity

Take Bolder Action

Learn why most men fail to take action and how to always be ready to step up when the opportunity arises

Dominate Socially

How to master the 3 keys to developing an unstoppable presence that men respect and women crave

What’s The Blueprint To Success All About?

Your Fears And Insecurities Hold You Back – And They Must Be Dealt With Before You Can Become The Man You Want To Be

With The Blueprint To Success, we start at square one.

Crushing life, achieving goals, and becoming the man you want to be is only possible once you remove the FEARS and INSECURITIES that have been holding you back.

These FEARS and INSECURITIES are the main reason that you’re not living the life you want…

Whether that means working the job you want, dating the girls you want, or living in the city that you want to.

I’ve developed a simple four-step process that will allow you to identify, understand, and confront these fears quickly and subsequently demolish them.

Setting Goals Is Good BUT You Need To Create The “Right” Goals That Motivate You, Are Achievable, And Then Actually Make A Game Plan To Get There

Most guys know they should be setting goals…

They inherently know that they need a destination in order to make progress and accomplish the things they want to.

They want more money. They want more sex. They want a new car.

But most guys still SUCK at this process. They set lofty goals they’re not ready to achieve yet – or wimpy ones that aren’t even a challenge.

And then – even after they’ve set their goals – they fail to do TWO SIMPLE things to ensure that they’ll actually get there.

With The Blueprint To Success, you’ll learn exactly WHAT TYPE of goals you should be setting to make rapid progress and then an exact STEP-BY-STEP process to set yourself up for success.

Nothing Happens Without Taking Action And Making Decisions – Nothing Good At Least

Action is the key to success, happiness, and ultimately getting what you want.

Taking action and making decisions is really what The Blueprint To Success is all about.

Indecision and inaction are man’s two biggest enemies….

They keep us down. And they crush our sense of manliness by preventing us to go after what we want. They prevent us from meeting our own needs – financially, sexually, and emotionally.

You must consciously and consistently take action and “dominate” life in order to become the want you want to be – with the things you want to have.

Inside you’ll learn three key strategies for making your own luck, making faster and better decisions, and always being the guy who comes out on top, regardless of the circumstances.

A Dominant Presence Is The Key To Getting Instant Respect From Other Men And Rapid Attraction From Other Women

All of the above things are YOU-focused.

They deal with changing you from the inside-out.

They remove your fears and allow you to crush life and achieve the things you want to.

And your confidence and self-esteem will naturally flourish as you go through those processes.

BUT there are THREE KEY “hacks” I’ve developed that allow you to assume “Alpha Male” confidence – even if you’re not feeling that way on the inside.

These “hacks” will project an image of strength and control to all of those around you – and get you the respect you deserve as a man.

My Name Is Malcolm Thomas

I’m a successful entrepreneur and creator of Women Attracted, one of the top blogs for men who want to become supremely confident and improve their lives.

Over the past few years I’ve experimented with countless strategies and implemented several key habits, beliefs, and routines into my daily life that have transformed me from a insecure, “push-over” wimp into a confident, motivated man who goes after – and actually gets – what he wants.

Even better is the increased respect I get from other men, not to mention the powerful attraction I’m able to almost effortlessly create in women.

I accomplished all of this without following “traditional” goal setting techniques, dating systems, or silly affirmations.

Announcing “The Blueprint To Success”

The Blueprint To Success is different from other self-improvement books and lifestyle courses because it combines empowering mindsets and beliefs with ACTIONABLE steps that will actually FORCE you to integrate these techniques into your life.

I’ve done all the hard work of experimenting with different mindsets, tricks, techniques, and “hacks” found in hundreds of popular books and websites and found a simple approach that’s meant for MEN who are sick and tired of feeling insecure and living lives that aren’t for them.

Before I dive in, let’s get one thing straight: Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Once you get started you will be able to continue to Dominate on autopilot but at first there will be some hard work and an old-fashioned work ethic required.

Inside You’ll Learn…

• How to streamline your daily productivity and eliminate wasted time

• What fears are holding you back from living the life you want

• A step-by-step guide for demolishing these fears

• How to generate quality goals and uncover what you really want out of life

• A step-by-step guide for creating a game plan to actually accomplish these goals

• 3 techniques to motivate you to take MASSIVE action across all areas of your life

• A simple way to become a leader of any group

• How to stop giving a shit what other people think about you

• 3 “hacks” to create an unstoppable social presence other people notice from across the room

• How to improve your self-confidence by changing the way you talk to yourself and others

• How to view the most brutal challenges as opportunities for personal growth with the power of framing

• How to stop bad moods dad in their tracks, and learn how to feel powerful and triumphant, even at your lowest points in life  

• How to develop clearer, sharper, and more focused thinking

• How to have a body that feels good and works for you rather than against you

• How to earn more money by thinking of yourself as a personal brand

• How to live a life so remarkable you were previously too afraid to imagine

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