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Become Obsessed With Success

ryTo truly become successful in life you must become obsessed with SUCCESS.

To be truly great at anything requires you to have an “obsession”.

“Normal” and weak men might view an obsession as a negative thing, but in reality, always thinking about your goals and how you will achieve success is what it takes to truly be successful.

If you find something you are passionate about and enjoy doing, you will naturally spend your day thinking about your subject of interest because it’s something that you personally enjoy.

The men who wander through life aimless never achieve anything of noteworthy because they do not have enough hunger, desire, and will to change and become something better.

These “average” men are too comfortable and happy living paycheck to paycheck, always being broke, and never accomplishing their goals.

If you were to ever hear these normal types of men talk, you would hear them say things like “You should be comfortable with where you are in life” or “You should enjoy life more and stop working too hard”

You will hear these men say these things because they have already settled in life. They have already settled with average girlfriends, average jobs, and an empty bank account.

To achieve success, REAL success, you must become obsessed with achieving greatness. You must personally want to achieve more in life, you must want to push yourself harder and give yourself more higher and higher goals.

To become successful in life, you must NEVER settle.

Giving up and settling is what weak men do.

Giving up and settling is what the men who work regular 9 – 5’s do.

Deciding to give up and settle is exactly why these men are so broke.

Why You Must Become Obsessed to Achieve Success

Let me tell you what happened when I became obsessed with becoming better with women.

I made it my personal MISSION to approach women every single day no matter what I felt like.

I stopped taking rejection so personal and I began to figure out why some girls rejected me and why some other girls became increasingly attracted to me.

I stopped watching internet porn and jerking off (because I would ONLY allow myself to have sex with REAL hot women).

I started dressing better, walking more confidently, and conveying better overall body language.

I stopped playing video games and I started reading more self-improvement books.

I joined a gym and started working out.

I did all of these various things, because I was literally OBSESSED with becoming good with women.

I was not interested in only getting “lucky”, I was not interested in chasing women, I was not interested in having any platonic female friends.

I was only interested in ONE thing: Dating and sleeping with beautiful attractive women.

And once I became obsessed with this, nothing else mattered.

I stopped spending hours every day watching Netflix videos.

I immediately dropped all of the bad habits that made me unattractive to women.

I developed tunnel vision, I visualized my success with women in the future, and I Took Action.

Become Obsessed With Success

To become successful, whether with women or even making money, you must become OBSESSED.

If you want to double your income within the next year, then you must do everything that you can to learn more.

This could include attending various business seminars, reading more business self-improvement books, or talking to other successful business men.

If you want to succeed with women, then you must become obsessed with becoming better with women.

You must make it your mission to talk to LOT’S and LOT’S of different women every single day.

You must learn how to effectively text girls and set up dates.

You must learn how to dress better and hold yourself more confidently.

When you have a goal and you are obsessed with achieving it, nothing else will stand in your way and stop you from achieving that particular goal.

So how obsessed are you to improve with women?

How obsessed are you to quit your 9 – 5 day job and start your own business?

How obsessed are you to find, date, and attract the girl of your dreams?

Become OBSESSED with SUCCESS and you can accomplish anything that you want.

– Malcolm Thomas

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