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3 Situations in Which You Shouldn’t Approach a Girl

The number one thing that every man has to learn when he wants to become good with women is how to walk up to a girl WITHOUT getting a heart attack. A guy who suffers from a severe form of approach anxiety, that he is not willing to overcome, will NEVER become a successful seducer. […]

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The Top 3 Characteristics Your Dream Woman Should Have

Do you want to find your dream girl? To be honest, I have never met a guy who didn’t want to find the woman of his dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in one night stands, if you want to end up in a relationship or if you even dream about getting married […]

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5 Things Every Seducer MUST Have

There are thousands of articles on the internet that talk about the qualities that a REAL seducer has to have. We all know that you need self-confidence and that you should learn to deal with rejection.  Of course it is important to know those things but instead of writing the tenth article about the personal […]

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5 Guaranteed Ways to End Up Alone

Do you want to have a girlfriend or do you want to end up alone? Do you want to have an amazing girl in your life with whom you have the most amazing time of your life inside and outside of the bedroom or do you want to continue jerking off to porn? Good question, […]

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The Only Reason Why Men Want to Achieve Anything in Life

Do you want to become successful? Do you want to be a person who achieves something? In case your answer is “no” and you don’t have the desire to achieve anything in life, you are on the wrong website and should click away now. If you, however, want to become successful and want to achieve […]

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Why Dating Career Women is Not as Bad as You Think

I bet you have never thought about the fact that it can actually have a few benefits when you decide to date career women. How can I say something like that? Don’t I know that dating career women is the worst thing that you can possibly do? I know that a lot of popular manosphere […]

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What Women Really Think When You Treat Them as Sex Objects

Have you ever treated a woman as a sex object? In case you are offended by my question and you immediately activate your defense mechanisms, I know that you don’t have the success with women in your life that you want to have. Asking you if you have ever treated a woman as a sex […]

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Why You Should Be Picky

Are you one of those guys who dream about seducing every woman on this planet? Are you one of the guys who are into the idea to take another woman home every single night? In case you dream about leading every girl you meet straight into your bedroom, you should rethink this idea. I know […]

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