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A Hidden Truth About Vulnerability

Vulnerability. Hearing this word can make any man cringe. The connotations behind it: weakness, fear, feeling exposed, unprotected, and feeling open to being physically or emotionally hurt. And of course we tell ourselves that no true alpha top dog male is EVER vulnerable, right? He is an imaginary icon of strength and impossible expectations; emotionally […]

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The 3 Core Strengths You Should Develop

We each have our own individual strengths – skills and feats that we have put in massive effort to develop and expertly calibrate. For example, some people are fluent in multiple languages, some are mathematics whizzes, some are master seducers, master musicians, master craftsmen, etc. These are skills that no one was born with, but […]

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5 Tips For Overcoming Your Fears

Simple Fact… We all have our own individual fears. It absolutely does not matter who you are, there is something that even the thickest of skin cannot resist. Something that gets your heart racing a million miles per hour just to think about. A fear that sends floods of anxiety throughout your entire body leaving […]

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Become The Most Authentic and True Version Of Yourself

Let me ask you something… Do you worry about what others think of you? Does your mind race and ruminate about something you said or did recently that made you feel really embarrassed, stupid, or ashamed? I’m sure you’re saying “No way, I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. I am who I am.” […]

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