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It is Not What You Do; It is How You Do It

If you were anything like me when I was younger, you inevitably heard someone tell you that “it is not what you say but how you say it.” I absolutely hated that saying. But it is TRUE. Delivering what you have to say in a positive manner, whether it be negative or not, creates a […]

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What Women Want in Bed

So, I was asked to write an article about what women want in bed. I think you will find my tone to be more along the lines of “how to be what women want in bed.” Cool? Cool. Now, I find myself to be very good when it comes to me and a lady in […]

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Stop Being a Bitch Around Women

Love. It is human nature. It is a whirlwind of volatile passion and full of ecstasy. When we were younger it was engrained in our heads through multiple outlets that you were to find that one special person and create a family together, riding off into the sunset. All of that may come in time, […]

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How to Be a Boss Gentleman and Overcome Anxiety Around Women

You’re Taking Yourself Out of the Game Before it Started. A lot of the stress men face when approaching women can be attributed to the amount of foreshadowing they do right before the approach. They plan an entire future involving them and the women they are about to approach, in the blink of an eye. […]

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Spinning Plates and Dating Multiple Women

Whether you are a man or woman, it is in our nature to want what we cannot have. As a man trying to catch the eye of a woman or multiple women, you need to understand this. You always hear, “why doesn’t she like me, I am such a nice guy.” Those very words may have […]

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3 Cheers for the “C-Words”

No, c**t is not one of the words. How do you expect to get laid with a mind like that? Ya filthy animal. The two “C-words” I am referring to, the two words to open up a world of dating you never thought possible; confidence and comfortable. Women have a million plus topics swirling around […]

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