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How to Get a Girl’s Attention and Keep It

Have you ever seen businessmen walking in the streets and women give them double takes? Or have you seen a guy getting many looks from women around him? I have seen this lot’s and LOT’S of times because it’s good to learn from the best, right? The guys that I saw getting looks from women had a few things […]

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What to Say to a Girl You Like

I had a lot of times in which I did not know what to say to girls I liked and this usually led to an awkward silence or them leaving. It took a lot of trial and error to find out decent stuff to say to girls I was interested in. Here are some things you can say to […]

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Hang Around Women to Attract More Women

There has been many times where I noticed chicks checking me out whenever I was hanging out with females. This applied to lots of places such as at the mall, University, Library or any other public place. Why do you think this happens?  Why do you think women show more interest in you when you’re with a girl? […]

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One Way to Achieve Success Quicker

This article is going to be on one way of achieving success faster. What’s this way? Surround yourself with people who want to achieve success as badly as you do. If you have a friend who is also striving for success, team up with him/her and you can DOUBLE the amount of work you can […]

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Lust or Love?

Have you ever met a girl and wondered, “She’s the one!” This used to happen to me all the time I saw an insanely attractive chick. But the times I have actually got into a relationship with them, I realized we actually had NOTHING in common. It’s fun dating an attractive chick for a while, but in my case […]

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My ‘Beta’ Friend vs My ‘Player’ Friend

I know a friend of mine who was always on the move to meet chicks and sleep with them. Guess what I noticed? Girls actually became attracted to him even though they didn’t know he was messing around with other chicks at the same time. I’m sure some of his girls found out but yeah, […]

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How to Pick Up Bartenders and Waitresses.

Have you ever went out to a restaurant or a bar and saw a beautiful woman serving you or serving drinks behind the bar? You wonder how many times she gets hit on in a day and that you have NO CHANCE with her because there will always be some guy whose better than you […]

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