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What “They” Say

“They” say that you have to follow the ‘rules’ in life.  They say that you need to go to college and get a “real” job.  They tell you that you can’t start your own business. They say that if you do, you will fail.  They say it’s too hard and too risky. They tell you that you […]

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7 Tips to Help You Attract and Seduce Women Online

There was a time, not too long ago, when I thought online dating was only for losers who either Were just too scared to approach a person they’re interested in or Didn’t have a chance of attracting anyone even if they did have the balls to approach them in person Seriously, I thought online dating […]

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What to do after you’ve been on the first date

Congratulations. You noticed a beautiful woman and decided that you want to approach her.  You looked your fear of rejection square in the eyes and decided to take action, in spite of it.  You mustered up all of your courage, mental toughness and “inner game”.  You stood tall, walked confidently, went right up to that […]

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The ONE KEY to Attracting Women: Take Action

I love hearing (and reading) about the success of others. It’s just in my nature.  Whenever I learn of someone who has overcome adversity, defied the odds, achieved success in spite of disadvantages and was able, through their actions, to give a big “fuck you” to those who told them they could not and would […]

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Do Muscle Building Supplements Actually Work?

Any of you who have been visiting this site, and paying attention, knows that we highly recommend for EVERY man to lift weights, build muscle, lose fat and become a physically strong man, in addition to becoming mentally strong.  Consistently training with weights, performing cardio and eating a nutritious, high protein diet, is an investment […]

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How to Overcome Your Opiate Addiction

Drug Addiction… To the average person these words may conjure up images of a junkie with a needle hanging out of his arm, lying in filthy allies located downtown in some big city.  Or possibly they think of individuals who look like the walking dead making their way in and out of a crack house […]

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