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How to Build Big Shoulders, Part 2

Alright, so I’m going to break out my crystal ball here. This magical crystal is telling me that you read “How to Build Big Shoulders, Part 1” a little over a month ago. It’s still a little fuzzy but I’m starting to get the picture. Hmmm… looks like you were a bit skeptical of some […]

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How to Build Big Shoulders, Part 1

Big shoulders… man you gotta love em. A man with a set of thick, wide shoulders looks like he can carry the weight of the whole world on them.  He displays an air of confidence that is almost effortless and people can’t help but notice.  The fellas know this is a man they don’t want […]

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She isn’t “The One”

What made you think she was “the one”?  People who are really good at putting puzzles together seem to have a formula, or outline, for doing it.  They begin with the outer edges and work their way in. They take the first, easier or “obvious” pieces and build momentum from there.  Along the way, the […]

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5 Exercises You Need to Stop Doing

I was very young when I first started attempting to lift weights. I think I was only around 8 years old.  My aunt was a fairly successful female bodybuilder at the time and I remember her room at my grandmothers being filled with those old school, cement filled plastic weights by Weider.  In addition to […]

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Just Give Up: You CAN’T Do It

I’m going to tell you something that I know no other writer on this site has told you. I’m going to be brutally honest, shoot straight with you, and tell you exactly how it is.  I will not sugar coat a fucking thing or spoon feed you a bunch of regurgitated bull shit, that you’ve […]

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5 Ways to Build Big Arms

Hey, you… guess what.  I’ve got something for you. What is it, you ask? Two tickets to the mother fucking gun show! Guns, pythons, sledge and hammer… whatever you wanna call them, big arms are the desire of almost every man who regularly lifts weights. While seeing guys grind through a ball busting set of […]

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Why Ordinary is Not Your Destiny

Some of you who are reading this article right now just happened to stumble upon this website. Most likely you were just browsing the internet, clicked a link or two and viola, you’re here reading my words. Chances are you’ve already read a few other articles by Malcolm, Sebastian and/or Dylan or you will when […]

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How to Develop Charisma

Have you seen or possibly known a guy who always seems to be the life of the party?  It’s like his mere presence uplifts the vibe of the entire scene. Everyone is eager to meet him, talk to him or, at the least, be close to him. He strolls in with an air of confidence […]

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