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Why Do Men Allow Women to Give Them Drama?

Why do so many men continue to put up with drama from women? Why do so many men continue to argue with girls, chase them, apologize to them, and try to impress and win them over? In this article, I plan to answer this question and tackle it head on. The REAL reason why men […]

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How to Talk to Girls: The Definitive Guide

The #1 thing that most guys struggle with is learning how to talk to girls. It is THE #1 question that I get from various different men. I constantly hear complaints from men daily such as: “What should I say to a girl after I approach her?” “What do you say to girls after you […]

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Learn How to Enjoy the Process

Today I am going to share with you ONE little tip for succeeding at ANYTHING that you set your mind to. In my opinion and from studying various successful people in multiple difference fields, this is THE #1 secret on how to succeed at ANYTHING in life. What is that crucial, life changing secret? Learning […]

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7 Success Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Many men dream of accomplishing their goals and achieving success in life. But the sad reality is that most men NEVER do. All you have to do is simply look around you. Most men are working terrible 9 – 5 jobs, most men are dating “average” mediocre women, and most men have no goals, aspirations, or […]

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There is No Hope for You

Yes, it’s true. There is no hope for you. Why? Because “hope” is for dreamers. Hope is for people who wish to achieve SUCCESS but never actually will. Hope is for the lazy and wishful thinkers. If you want something, you go and get it. That is what a REAL man does. He does not […]

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The Top 7 Muscle Building Mistakes Men Make

Every man attempts at least ONCE in his lifetime to build some muscle. But most men fail miserably at achieving this goal. Look around you… most men walking around are either fatsos or skinny dweebs. They have crappy diets and they do not lift weights or work out. The men who do try to work out […]

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How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

Every man dreams of having the ability to make at least ONE girl fall in love with them at some point in their lives. This is truly every man’s fantasy. So how do you make a girl fall in love with you? By doing a few KEY things correct in the bedroom, that is how. […]

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