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How to Be Your Own Boss (and Get Rich)

Every man who I have ever spoken to wants to have the ability to work for himself and be his own boss. Every single one. I have never met a man who instead of starting his own business, preferred to take orders, be a chump, and continue working at a crappy 9-5 job. Want to […]

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Screw Mediocrity and Chase After Success

Do you want to live a life full of mediocrity? Simply living paycheck to paycheck while working at a crappy 9-5 job? Never attracting the women you really want and always settling for whatever girl that you can get? Do you want to grow an old man living with a bunch of regrets and “what […]

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Drop the Excuses and Do the Work

We as human beings all make excuses about why we fail to accomplish certain goals. We can always think of SOME reason about why we have not yet achieved SUCCESS. Whether it is making an excuse about why you did not approach a certain girl… Whether it is making up some excuse about why women […]

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Never Buy a Girl a Drink BEFORE Having Sex

It’s no secret that I’m a man who refuses to pay for dates. It’s no secret that I am of the belief that trying to wine and dine your way into a girls pants is both ineffective and expensive. It’s no secret that I am of the mindset that men and women should both be […]

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How to Change Your Life in 30 Days

Today, I am going to share with you what it takes to achieve REAL success in life and transform your life. I am going to reveal what you can do starting TODAY to systematically improve your dating life, improve your income, and improve your personal success. When I share with you my “SECRET” that is […]

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5 Reasons Why You DON’T Get Laid

Let’s face it: 95% of men walking the earth CANNOT get laid. Most men are unattractive, are NOT sexy, have no discipline or charisma, and have absolutely NO fashion sense. In a nutshell, most guys SUCK with women. And they chase women. Most guys are too nice. And they falsely believe that paying for dates […]

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Why You Should Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business

Are you wasting your days working a boring, soul draining 9 – 5 job that is paying you crap? Are you sick and tired of waking up to the sound of an alarm clock and sitting in traffic for at least 2 hours every single day? Are you tired of working so hard and sacrificing […]

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So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

One of the top 3 questions that I receive on this site is not related to women or dating, it’s not related to fitness and working out, it’s not even related to SEX. By far, one of the top questions that most guys want to know is how to be an entrepreneur.  My guess is […]

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