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How to QUIT Watching Porn… Forever

Recently, a member of the Women Attracted Forum asked me a very simple and straightforward question… How can a man STOP watching porn? and what are some effective ways to stay away from porn? And I gave him a somewhat general and short answer, but I wanted to really answer his question more publicly so […]

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How to Get Laid When You’re Broke

I recently had a reader write in asking me how to get laid when you’re broke and more importantly, CAN you get laid when you are broke? The answer to his question is “Yes”, you definitely CAN very easily get laid when you are broke, and in fact, this is exactly how I used to […]

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How to Avoid a False Rape Accusation

Alright, so enough guys have wanted to know my thoughts and opinion about this subject and so I felt it was time that I finally did talk about it. And make no mistake about it, this IS a problem that has been running rampant throughout the entire world (and mostly in the United States). As […]

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Do Looks Trump Game?

A reader recently wrote in explaining to me why he believes that game does not really work. He basically told me that whenever he goes out to bars or clubs or house parties, he always notices only the “good looking” guys kissing and hooking up with all of the girls. Essentially he was telling me […]

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Secret to Attracting Women: Expect to SUCK

 Many guys never bother to approach women because they do not know what to expect or what to say. They over think the potential reactions of what a woman will say, they try to think up some plausible scenarios about what a girl might say if they say this or if they say that. In […]

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How to Be a Good Debater (and Win Arguments)

I can already hear the questions running through your head… “Why the hell are you writing an article about winning arguments and becoming a good debater?” “I visit this site to learn things such as how to attract women, develop better confidence, and become a good lover in bed. I do NOT come to this […]

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5 Style and Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know

One thing I have come to realize after interacting with HUNDREDS of men about dating success, attracting women, getting girlfriends, etc is that most men do not pay enough attention to their fundamentals. Most men ask the same old typical questions that I have now come to expect from guys seeking dating advice: “What do […]

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How to Turn Phone Numbers into DATES

It’s the ONE area of game that every guy ends up struggling with. Being able to consistently turn phone numbers into DATES. It does not matter how great you are at talking to girls in PERSON… it does not matter how great you are at talking to girls ONLINE… it does not matter how many […]

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