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The REAL Reason Why Most Men FAIL With Women

Many guys struggle to get a girlfriend, get a date, or even (if they choose) get a wife. These guys flat out struggle to get girls. They don’t understand what actually makes a girl tick, makes a girl wet, and makes a girl chase and pursue a guy. They straight up don’t know what a girl […]

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Stop Chasing Girls, Start Attracting Them

Chasing girls is one of the biggest mistakes that most men make. Chasing a girl will absolutely, positively destroy any chances you have of sleeping with a woman. Today I want to explain to you why chasing girls is so bad and what you can do instead to get women attracted to you. Why Is […]

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How To Approach A Woman In 3 Simple Steps

Learning how to approach a woman is something many men need to learn how to do. Approaching women is something many men fail at because they don’t understand what actually attracts women to begin with. Henceforth, this post which will give you all the tips and tactics you need on making every approach you do, […]

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What to Text Girls to Get Dates

Texting women is one thing that many guys do completely wrong. And that needs to stop. In this post I will show you what to text a girl you just met. My 3 Golden Rules For Texting Girls… I have 3 personal rules for texting women that ensures you get a date. They are… Keep […]

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