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Why Nice Guys Fail to Attract Women

Okay so it’s Friday night and you’re sitting at home and all of a sudden your phone rings…  You look at your phone and it’s the girl who you’ve been “friends” with for so long…  You answer it and she’s crying to you about some guy she met last week. That was around the same time […]

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How to Ask a Girl Out (and Get a “Yes” Every Time)

You guys want to know a secret: I don’t ask girls out on dates, but I still go out on a lot of them.  A lot of you guys are probably scratching your heads right now trying to figure out how that’s even possible.  The thing about “asking” a girl anything is that you’re asking her […]

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How to Pick Up a Girl

A lot of guys go about learning how to pick up a girl the wrong way.   They make it harder on themselves by trying to memorize line after line. They get very limited results and become very frustrated. They slowly begin to believe that understanding women is impossible and will never happen.  I’m here to tell you that it’s […]

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Many guys get caught up in the wrong things of figuring out if a girl genuinely likes them or not.  They look at every little thing the woman may or may not do. They become obsessed with figuring out what she’s doing. When things don’t work out they complain constantly that girls are always playing games […]

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How to Pick Up Girls Online

Online dating has a very bad stigma about for some reason.  Guys complain that women get all the attention and have it so much easier than them. Don’t play the victim because that gets you nowhere fast.   Many guys say online dating caters only to women and no girl ever replies back to them. I simply ask them […]

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How to Attract Women Fast and Easily

Okay guy’s you may not have the big muscles, the car, the clothes and, you’re worried women won’t find you attractive.  You get approach anxiety and wouldn’t dare try to start a conversation  with that attractive woman at the bookstore.  Some days you don’t even want to leave the house because you think approaching women is stupid […]

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How to Get a Girlfriend… in 5 Easy Steps

Getting a girlfriend is fairly easy when you’ve been talking and sleeping with multiple women.  Many men go about getting a girlfriend in some of the worse ways possible. They focus on a girl and develop oneitis.  This keeps men from talking to other women and bringing new women into their lives.  Other times guys are […]

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Why Women Flake (and How to Stop Girls From Flaking on Dates)

Women flake for a number of reasons but the main reason is “something came up”.    No matter what the excuse is . . . something came up. Either it’s at the last minute or a couple days before.   Many men deal with flaking the wrong way. They either blow up on the woman or tell her […]

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