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How to Talk to Girls On the Phone

You are walking down the street or you are in a bar/club and you spot this smoking hot girl with dark black hair and a Persian look… You grab your balls and muster up the courage to talk to her (she looks a bit bitchy which gave you butterflies)… It turns out she’s a really […]

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How to Approach Women: The Right Mindset is Key

When approaching a woman, most men will try to figure out the perfect pick up line or the perfect joke to make her laugh; forget all that. The ONLY thing that matters when you are approaching women, is that you have the right mindset. Women can sense when you are being fake and what you […]

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How to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone (and Build Muscle)

Testosterone is practically the essence of life in men. It gives us energy and propels us to put more effort into our goals. It’s what gives us the animalistic rage in the bedroom and because of this we are men. It’s the main reason why we have more muscle than women and usually men with […]

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How to Meet Girls During the Day (and Effortlessly Attract Them)

When many men think of meeting girls the first place that comes to mind is the nightclub where they can get drunk and use liquid confidence to their advantage. Getting drunk doesn’t allow you to improve and you can barely talk in nightclub settings. The girls there have the attention span of a fly and […]

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How to Approach Girls in Groups

Sometimes you are walking down the street and you hear a shrill laughter that you recognize as a girl’s… You turn around and, to your surprise, notice that there are three girls laughing and having a great time together… Out of those three girls one of them hits you hard and you know that’s going […]

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Why You Should Lift Weights and Build Muscle

Ever seen a muscular guy walk into a room? Usually every guy will stare at him with jealousy and hatred while every woman will wet her panties. Now have you ever seen a muscular guy at a social gathering, a party, or some sort of meeting at work? Usually when he speaks all of the attention […]

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