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The ‘Flip The Table Method’ To Attracting Hot Women

Let’s talk about ‘flipping the table’ and getting some pussy, gentlemen! Are you ready to break that dry spell? Hell yeah?! Good enough for me. 1. Flip those ‘NO’s to YES! How? This is what I did to improve my game. Before: Can I have your number? × Slight Revision: Hey you’re awesome! Give me your […]

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Get ADDICTED To Success

Have you ever been addicted to something? Be it alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine or maybe ALL THREE! If not, then you have probably seen a person with a major drug addiction. A guy that could be broke as hell, but STILL manage to find a couple of bucks for a daily dose of crack! Put simply, this […]

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Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

“Am I Satisfied?” I guess that’s the big question during that moment of self-reflection, where you look back at your life. Perhaps a better question is, have I accomplished what I set out to do in my life? Can you say that you are truly satisfied? Well… are you truly satisfied? Are you living the life you […]

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How to Attract Women in Less Than 10 Minutes

Today I would like to let you in on a SECRET I use to get girls INSTANTLY attracted to me in less than 10 minutes! You see, in my search to become a professional seducer, I stumbled upon many self improvement websites, gurus and even pickup artists. After all the research and trial and error, I came […]

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Why Women Fake Orgasms (and How You can Prevent it)

You probably have heard of this topic, maybe thought of it. You may even wonder: “Do the women in my life FAKE ORGASMS when having sex with me?” Well, with this ultimate guide you will be able to have a stress free ‘fuck’ and truly enjoy yourself without doubts of whether she is having mind-blowing […]

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