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Attractive and Sexy Body Language Tips for Men in Dating, Part 2

bodylanguage2web Approaching a new woman is a daunting task. Numerous articles have been written on it alone.

With the information I gave in the first part of the series, you know when a woman is more likely to be responsive to your approach.

Having strong fundamentals in fashion, fitness, and style will go a long way in getting a woman’s attention.

To be blunt, women care just as much about looks as men do, but are a lot more forgiving. You don’t have to look like a model to stand out, but basic general grooming goes a long way!

Think about it, if a woman came up to you, smelled like body odor, had horrible breath, and looked generally unkempt, would you be interested?

When you’re ready to approach her, keep a few things in mind. First of all approach confidently and smoothly. Don’t run towards her. Keep your palms visible. This is an ancient form of body language showing that you’re next no threat.

Observe her personal space and don’t stand too close to her. The personal zone is often only for close friends, family, and pets. Once she gets more comfortable, you may notice her moving closer to your space.

During conversations with women, look for some visible signs: ( see attached illustration for reference)

A.)   Raised eye brows. Humans will always raise their eye brows slightly when they see something they like. The eyes widen. This allows our brains to take in more of the image in front of us. This goes in practically any interaction you have with people. We raise our brows and open our eyes to positive stimulation. If you really want to know how someone feels about you. Watch their eyes when you approach. If their eye brows arch, it’s a general indicator that they like you. However, if you approach a woman and she squints, lowers her brow. It’s a clear sign that she’s NOT interested. If they look up and away also shows disinterest.

B.)    Head tilting raised arms. A woman that is interested in a man will tilt her head, exposing her neck to him. This can be done simply just to adjust her hair, fix a piece of jewelry, play with her glasses, etc. Another biological thing this does is allow pheromones to be released from her armpit, often towards the man.  A great example of seeing what this looks like would be the Feb 2014 cover of GQ. There singer Katy Perry is showing us exactly this look.

C.)    Wetting, parting of the lips. This could also be licking her lips quickly, or slowly. A side note about the lips. A woman’s lips will usually be in proportion to her outer genital lips. This is referred to as ‘self-mimicry’ in humans. Hence why red lips are always preferred over any color by men on women.

D.)   Self-touching.  Watch for to see if during the conversation if women begin to stroke their arms, neck, waist, etc. This is a sub-conscience signal letting you know if you play your card rights, she may let you touch her in those areas as well. This lets her envision you doing this to her.

E.)    Her wrist goes limp. This is a form of submissive women display to make a man feel more attracted to her. Sub-consciously this triggers a chemical reaction in men brains making them feel like they have to protect her.  Although a man, you should never do this as this will make you look weak in front of men. This is often a sign that homosexual males may do.

F.)    Stroking a cylindrical object. This is pretty self-explanatory really.  Also look for if she’s fiddling with a ring in a similar motion. During this phase of the conversation, a man will often try to hold something belonging to her as well. This symbolizes his need to possess her. (not shown)

G.)   Exposing her wrists to you. This could go along with her wrists going limp. The area around the wrist is very sensitive to touch and a highly erotic zone for women. As her interest in you grows, she’ll expose more of her wrists to you. Signaling that she is attracted to you.

H.)   Looking over her shoulder at you. This could be done initially at the start of the interaction. This look also falls under self-mimicry as the shoulders mimics the roundness of the woman’s breasts or buttocks. This also gives us men the feeling that we are peeking in on a woman. I had a recent experience with this while I was at the gym. I caught a woman looking over her shoulder at me, when we made eye contact, her face quickly turned red and she looked away. I found it quite humorous.

There are a number of other subtle things that women will do to let you know that they’re interested. As you get better in reading body language and picking up the clues, you’ll be able to easily escalate the conversation, apply more touching and make the move to more intimate areas.

However keep in mind that woman love to send mixed signals out to men they are interested in. This makes the game fun for them. While a woman’s body is telling you that she’s interested, her conversation will not. Maintaining your positive body language will enforce her attraction to you even while she’s playing coy.

Here are body language indicators that a woman is losing interest in you.

A.)   A woman will turn her body away from you, even though she faces you. This is a sign that she’s not comfortable in the situation and is shielding herself from your advance. A woman that is interested in talking will turn her whole body towards to you talk.

B.)    Her feet are pointed away. You can tell if a person is interested in you if their feet are pointed towards you. If their feet are pointed away from you, they are telling you that they’re not interested in what you’re selling.

C.)    Quick nods and short answers. If all her answers are single word phrases like “no”, “yes”, etc then the conversation is dead. If a woman is interested in you, she will ask you questions. That is the biggest hint.

D.)   If she places anything between you and her, then she’s lost interest. This could be anything like her purse, a glass, jacket, etc.

E.)   Withdraws from your touch. You try to reach out and touch her and she pulls away. You’re pretty much done at this point.

While I know this is a lot to take in at once, recall back to part one where I talked about how human body language is done in a series of “clusters”. As in that you’re looking for a series of indicators that she is telling you that she’s attracted. One of two signals might not mean much, but when read together, form a sentence that you will be able to understand fluently.

In Part 3 of this body language series, I will mainly deal with male body language. I will cover the proper way to shake hands, when and how to introduce yourself to a group of attractive women, how to stand, and display dominance. Stay tuned!

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