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Are You Thankful?

sopAre you thankful?

I mean if you were to stop and really think about it, reflecting upon the life you currently lead, the circumstances of that life, the people within it and how you spend your time, are you honestly thankful?

When you wake up in the morning are you thankful to live another day? 

When you roll over in bed are you thankful for the woman lying next to you? 

Are you thankful for the little things, like the coffee she makes you each morning or the love you feel when she presses her beautiful lips against yours?

Are you thankful to hug your children every day? 

Are you thankful to watch them grow and witness the people they are becoming? 

Are you thankful for their curiosity, questions and for the opportunity to teach them and show them the way? 

Are you thankful for their love?

Are you thankful to have food on the table? 

Are you thankful to have a roof over your head and a warm, safe place to sleep? 

Are you thankful for your car, no matter how high the gas prices are, since you don’t have to walk to work or stand out in the cold and rain waiting on a bus?

Are you thankful that your legs work and you’re not confined to a wheelchair? 

Are you thankful for a strong mind and a capable body? 

Are you thankful that you’re able to do things that some people miss SO much and things that other people never have?

Are you thankful to live in a country where you are free to do and be most anything you want? 

Are you thankful for the freedom to worship your God in any way that you like? 

Are you thankful that the ONLY person who can limit the amount of success you achieve in life is YOU? 

Are you thankful for the men and women who have literally sacrificed everything to allow you this life? 

Are you thankful that your family has never received the news that you are no longer with them?

We take so much for granted. We fail to stop and think about how blessed our lives truly are. 

We whine, complain, bitch and moan. We think we have “problems”. We treat even the slightest unfortunate event in our lives as a catastrophe. 

We let inconveniences ruin our days, causing us to waste our lives in a state of discontent, frustration and anger.

We fail to cherish the time we have with the people that we love so much. We only begin to truly appreciate it, when they’re gone. We wish we could see them just one more time. We wish we could tell them we love them, if only once more.

We waste our time, which IS our lives, judging others and worrying about what they do with theirs. We blame others for our failures instead of accepting responsibility and working to change. We talk too much and don’t listen enough. We hate too much and love too little.

Most of us don’t have a fucking clue about what “problems” really are….

There are parents that have lost their child who would give ANYTHING to hold them once more. There are people who will go hungry on Thanksgiving and every day thereafter. There are wives who give all of themselves to their man only to be cheated on or abused. 

There are men serving life sentences for a crime they didn’t commit. There are people who dream of what it would feel like to walk again. There are places where death is the punishment for expressing your religious beliefs. 

There are children mourning the loss of their mother, who gave her life serving her country, so that we may have the privilege to live ours.

We’ve all experienced pain. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the failure of a marriage or the grip of disease, we’ve all seen the ugly side of life and the darkest of days. Not one of us makes it through life without a few scars.

Still, I’m willing to bet at this moment there’s food in your fridge, a roof over your head and at least ONE person in your life that loves you with all of their heart. Let us not forget how fortunate we really are. On this Thanksgiving, and every day thereafter, let us be truly thankful.

– Michael “The Wheel One” Wheeler

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