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Are You Obsessing Over a Girl? Here’s How to Stop

obsessTell me if this has ever happened to you…

You’re out at the Supermarket and by mere accident you happen to spot a cute girl who catches your attention.

So you muster up all of your courage and you approach her… and… she is very receptive and is giving you positive signals.

The two of you talk for a little while and you BOTH make plans to meet up again sometime in the very near future. You’re excited and more importantly SHE’S very excited.

You wait a few days to text her to hang out with you because you don’t want to seem too desperate (and besides that’s what you read inside some book).

You text her and you receive NO response. “She’s probably really busy” you end up saying to yourself so you wait a couple of hours and end up sending her ANOTHER text message…

And again you receive no response back. You begin to get worried. “I thought she liked me” you say to yourself. “She seemed like she was into me” you rationalize to yourself.

A couple of days later you try giving her a phone call and her phone goes straight to voicemail. Now you KNOW that this girl is CLEARLY ignoring you.

Logically, you know that you should simply give up and move on, but emotionally you CAN’T.

You begin obsessing over this girl and can’t think about anything except HER.

WHAT caused this to happen to you and HOW can you fix it?

The Cause Of Obession: It’s NOT The Girl, It’s YOU

Obessing over a girl comes from a scarcity mindset and a lack of an abundance mentality.

A couple of months ago I wrote the article “Stop Chasing Girls, Start Attracting Them” where I essentially stated that chasing girls is BAD and does more harm to you than good.

Despite writing that article, the #1 question that I receive from men on this site is related to them trying to “win over” this ONE girl and them asking me for advice on exactly HOW they can do it.

My usual answer and response to these men is: “You’re not going to get THIS girl until you develop the ability to get ANY girl“.

And most men don’t like that response because it isn’t giving them a technique, line, or routine that they can use to win over this one girl.

And there is a reason for that: When you obsess over one girl and make your sole existence centered around trying to get her, you will FAIL trying to get her every time.

The reasoning for that is because your neediness and desperation will show and come across in your body language, voice tone, and mannerisms.

  • You will be too afraid to progress the interaction and move fast when you should
  • You will be too afriad to kiss her for FEAR of her not reciprocating your interest 
  • And you will be too afraid to physically escalate and get to sex for fear of you moving too fast and quickly.

You will sit there and continuing making polite conversation when you should be moving her, you will stand there trying to make her laugh when you should be touching her.

In one sentence: You will be too much IN YOUR HEAD and you won’t be PRESENT.

So if obsessing over this girl is futile and won’t allow you to “get her”, what should you be doing instead?

Stop Obsessing, Start Attracting

The key to becoming an attractive man and overcoming your obsession with this one girl is to begin meeting and seducing as many different women as possible ASAP.

Here’s 3 reasons why:

Men who have “options” are more attractive to women. Period.

The reason why “Rock Stars” are able to get laid left and right is not ONLY because they are famous and have money. “Rock Stars” are ALSO able to get laid easily because they have an abundance of “options” when it comes to women and this shows through their body language, mannerisms, and how they carry themselves.

And girls can SENSE this.

Girls can tell the difference between the men who ARE getting laid from the men who AREN’T.

How do you give off the appearance that you’re a man who gets laid?

“Fake it til you make it” and begin approaching and talking to as MANY different girls as possible. 

Talking to a very wide variety of women will allow you to get more comfortable talking to pretty women, learn how to hold interesting conversations more longer and better, and might even allow you to meet your next girlfriend.

The Sooner You Begin Meeting More Girls, The Faster You Will Forget About This ONE Girl

The sad fact of the matter is that most of the men who end up obsessing over a girl, are the same men who refuse to approach women and talk to different girls.

This girl who they happened to meet (by accident) is the ONLY girl in their dating and sex lives and they assume (falsely) that because of this, that they are the ONLY guy in this girls life but most of the time that is not the case.

Here’s the truth: When you make a decision to ONLY talk to hot, pretty girls, you will fail with women. 


Because in order to become GOOD at talking to hot pretty women, you must FIRST become good at talking to girls in general. And not just pretty girls who you are attracted to, but all KINDS of girls. You must become comfortable and able to hold an interesting conversation with a very wide variety of different women.

Being able to do this will allow you to seperate yourself from the “average” man who is unable and too scared to approach women.

By Talking to More Girls and Building Up Your Fundamentals You Will Get Girls Obsessing Over YOU

Yes, the more attractive of a man that you become, the more girls will begin to obsess and chase YOU.

I am now at the point in my life where I am able to start up a simple conversation with a cute women, and immediately (without any effort on my part) she is chasing and pursuing me, asking me more and more questions, and trying to learn more about me.

Why am I able to do something that most men can’t?

Because I make a conscious decision everyday to talk and speak to a wide variety of different women. Old or Young, Pretty or Ugly, Fat or Skinny, the more women you talk to the more attractive of a man you will become. Plain and simple.

Still Obsessing Over a Girl? Stop Obsessing and Start Attracting

When you aim to not just fix the symptom but cure and fix the root cause, the problems that you used to have instantly go away (almost overnight).

Obsessing over a girl and chasing a girl, all stems from your lack of an abundance mentality, your (false) thinking that pretty girls are scarce (which they are NOT).

The solution is to begin talking to OTHER girls as soon as possible and become a man who has “options”. Learn that cute girls exist EVERYWHERE, you just have to go out and meet them.

And by you doing these things, YOU will become scarce yourself because most men can’t do this:

  • Most men don’t know how to hold an interesting conversation with a girl who they just met
  • Most men don’t know how to approach girls in a way that intrigues them and gets them excited
  • And most men don’t know how to kiss girls in a romantic way that gets them aroused

But you DO know how to do these things. With this site at your disposal, you know what it takes to become a Powerful High Value Man who women throw themselves to.

Start attracting and stop obsessing and your dating and sex life will improve for the better.

– Malcolm Thomas

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