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Are You Afraid Of Women Telling You “No”?

noAfter many years of me coaching and teaching men how to attract women into their life I have learned ONE thing: The majority of men are afraid to hear the word “No”.

And in my honest opinion, this is the biggest reason why the majority of men fail to attract women into their life.

Their fear of hearing the word “No” is their biggest roadblock to achieving success with women.

This fear of the word “No” is even holding them back from attaining success in most things in their ENTIRE life.

Why Most Men Fear Hearing The Word “No”

When it comes to things related to dating and seduction, it is usually the man’s job to do the asking and the woman’s job to do either the accepting or the declining.

And for most men this fear of getting their offer declined, turned down, or rejected is what causes most men to suffer what is known as approach anxiety.

Generally in dating it is the man’s job to:

  • Ask a girl for her phone number
  • Text a girl to ask her out on a date
  • Ask a girl to dance with you
  • Ask a girl if you can buy her a drink
  • etc

It is usually the man’s responsibility to do ALL of the asking and if he believes deep down that whatever he asks a girl for will NOT be accepted, he decides not to go about asking AT ALL and this leads to:

  • Men being too afraid to approach women because they are scared of getting rejected
  • Men NEVER asking girls for their phone number from fear of getting their efforts shot down
  • Men being too afraid to call a girl after managing to somehow get their phone number
  • Men being afraid to kiss a girl and actually make a move
  • etc

And ALL of this fear comes down to men being afraid to hear the word “No”

The Reason Why I Love To Hear Women Tell Me “No”

Most men hate and are too afraid to hear women tell them “No”. But me I’m different.

I LOVE to hear a woman tell me “No”:

  • I love being able to approach a girl and finding out immediately whether or not she is interested in me sexually or romantically
  • I love being able to try and kiss a girl and finding out whether or not she feels the same way about me
  • And I absolutely love being able to call a girl and find out on that very same day if this woman wants to go out with me.

Want to know the biggest reason why I want to hear the word “No” and why YOU should want to hear it too?

Because hearing the word “No” saves me time. Plain and simple.

Hearing the word “No” frees up my time and allows me to focus my efforts on talking to and “gaming” other women.

It allows me to be able to immediately determine whether this girl will try to waste my time or whether this girl will allow me to get to sex quickly. 

By me hearing the word “No”, it lets me know whether I should continue my interaction with a girl and keep persisting or whether I should drop the conversation and go meet a girl that I am able to connect with more better.

Hearing the word “No” is GOOD.

It saves you both time AND money and allows you to best avoid the women who are your timewasters and meet the women who are REALLY interested in you sexually and romantically.

And there’s one more reason too…

It stops and prevents you from chasing women.

Sometimes you gotta hear a few “No’s” in order to hear a “Yes”

One thing that you learn in marketing and in sales is that you will sometimes have to hear a few “No’s” in order to hear a “Yes” and this relates to dating and picking up women too.

Never forget: Dating is a number’s game. 

The more women that you talk to, the more likely you are to meet one that you will hit it off with.

Your goal in dating and picking up women needs to be to get women to say “No” to the things you ask them to do as quickly as possible. No wasting time or beating around the bush.

What this does for you is: Instead of you wasting 2 hours talking to a girl and having it go nowhere, you immediately ask her to exchange phone numbers with you and if she declines you only waste 5 minutes.

Taking this structured, shotgun approach to meeting women saves you a tremendous amount of time and effort.

If a girl tells you “No”, find one right around the corner who tells you “Yes”

If you have spent all of your life being too scared or afraid to hear women tell you “No” to something that you want to do, then fear not.

There is another woman right around the corner from her who WILL say “Yes” to you.

In the end dating is (and will always be) a numbers game and if you follow these tactics that I have laid out, you will give yourself the best chances of maximizing your success.

– Malcolm Thomas

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