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Are You Afraid of Making Lot’s of Money and Becoming Successful

sucessThe other day I went into a 7-Eleven to purchase a cup of coffee and coffee cake. 5 minutes before me entering the store I was in a very happy mood because I had just made another $100 in less than 1 hour. So I was very enthusiastic to say the least and I went into this 7-eleven in a very joyful mood.

I went to the counter to pay for my stuff and I said to the clerk: “I am in LOVE with making money. I genuinely enjoy seeing lot’s of money get transferred into my bank account on a daily basis. It makes me happy, easily brightens my mood, and always brings a smile to my face.”

The clerk responded back to me saying: “No making a lot of money is not good. Too much money is never good. A decent amount is okay but making too much money is very BAD.”

I did not offer him any rebuttals because I felt that wasting my breath responding back to him would have been a complete waste of my time. So I told him thanks for expressing his honest thoughts and opinion and I wished him a good day.

But I want to talk about this topic with you guys. Because this topic needs to be discussed and talked about. This is a common mindset that I notice a lot of guys having especially here in the West.

What is this common mindset that is running rampant through a lot of men’s mind in the 21st century?

The FEAR of making LOT’S of money and becoming successful.

So many guys have the mindset that trying to make lot’s of money and get rich is a BAD thing. So many guys believe that trying to become wealthy is something that should be frowned and looked down upon.

Well, if you currently have a mindset like this then you need to knock it off.

Making lot’s of money is important if you are a man who wants to live a very happy and stress-free life.

Making money is important if you want to live your life as YOU decide to live it.

Making money is important if you prefer not to be homeless and struggle to make your next rent or car payment.

And more than anything else, money buys you one thing that NOTHING else can: FREEDOM!

Freedom to live a life of choice.

Freedom to date the kinds of women you want.

Freedom to move and travel wherever you want.

Freedom to sleep in and wake up at whatever time you want.

Freedom to eat lunch and go on vacation whenever you want.

Freedom from living a very mediocre crappy life.

Freedom from feeling STUCK at a soul-crushing job.

Freedom from being FORCED to take orders from another man and call him your boss.

Freedom from having to get permission and seek validation from your supervisors just to go to the bathroom.

If you are interested in being a consistently happy man who lives a life of abundance and CHOICE, then you damn well better focus and make it your mission to make money. A LOT of money.

Listen, I have experienced life from both sides. I have been the extremely broke and poor man and I have been the extremely wealthy and rich man. I would prefer to be the rich man every single time.

Trust me, being poor is not fun. Wondering what your kids is going to eat for dinner is not fun. Being unable to buy your girlfriend a present for her birthday is not fun. Being in lots of debt and getting evicted is not fun.

I would rather be a rich man who is unhappy instead of being a poor man who is unhappy.

Believe me, there is nothing noble about wondering how you are going to pay your rent that is due next week. There is nothing noble about stressing out how you are going to buy your kids food and school clothes. There is nothing noble about being unable to treat your family or your girlfriend to a nice meal or vacation.

If you are currently broke and you are not doing anything to fix your financial problems, then you are not a real man as far as I am concerned. As men, we fix stuff. We seek to improve. We seek to build.

If I am a fat-ass who is out of shape, then I get my fat ass into the gym, I lose weight, and I build some muscle.

If I am a lazy ass who has no self-discipline or work ethic, I read motivational self-improvement books that teach me how to develop better self-discipline, work ethic, and good habits.

And if I am a poor man and working a job that I hate, I do NOT ever complain. I work my fucking ass off to turn my financial (and personal) life around.

Do not ever be afraid to make a lot of money and become successful.

There is nothing better than making a LOT of money so that you can spoil your family and loved ones to nice trips and fancy dinners. There is nothing better than being able to go shopping with your girlfriend and not having to worry about how much something costs.

If you are afraid of becoming successful in life then now is the time for you to STOP and change your thinking. Change your priorities. And focus on the big picture and your long-term future.

Making money is FUN, it is something that you as a man should always be striving to improve upon, and “Yes”, in my opinion, money really DOES bring happiness.

Malcolm Thomas

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