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Are You A Man With An Abundance Mentality and Many Options?

abundance mentality and optionsHaving the ability to attract, date, and sleep with the women you want is a skill that most men do not have.

Most men wander through life chasing one girl for many months, if not years hoping that she will one day see them in a sexual or romantic way.

Most men spend many years of their life learning and memorizing “pick up” lines or routines, but continue to fail with women and get into their pants.

The sad fact of the matter is, most men do not have many (or any) “options” and lack an abundance mentality when it comes to their dating and sex life.

Are you one of them?

A Man Who’s Attractive Is A Man With “Options” 

You ask anybody who’s been around women long enough and they will tell you:

Women are most attracted to the men who other women want.

Remember that, hang it up on your refrigerator if you need to because I do not want you to ever forget it.

Girls are attracted to the men who other girls are attracted to and want to sleep with.

This is why guys who are “Rock Stars” or Professional Sport Players have no problem attracting women.

Girls are not just attracted to them because of their money, and it’s not so much even their fame.

It’s that these men are wanted by other women which makes them wanted by most women.

A girl will think to herself: “Well, why do all of these other women like this guy?”, “There must be something REALLY attractive about him to have all of these women wanting and chasing him.”, “I have to go figure out what it is so that I can make him Want and Chase ME.”

That is the thought process going through a woman’s head whenever she encounters a situation where ONE guy is getting and attracting ALL of the female attention.

This is why whenever you go out to a club or party and you are immediately able to get just ONE girl attracted to you, suddenly EVERY girl in the room is attracted to you and wants a piece of you.

It’s because you (like the “Rock Star” and the “Professional Sports Player”) have built up what is known as “preselection”, an abundance mentality, and “social proof”.

How To Become A Man With An Abundance Mentality Who Has “Options”

Becoming a guy who is able to attract girls will automatically make other women want you.

The simple fact of the matter is, women are social creatures and they feed off of what other women like and dislike.

Which is why one of the worst things you can ever have happen to you is get rejected by a girl in front of other women whom you are interested in dating and sleeping with.

Try getting rejected by a woman and good luck trying to talk to the girl nearby you who saw you get rejected,

Fact: A girl wants to feel like the guy she’s dating and sleeping with isn’t just some “average” guy. She wants to feel like she’s dating and sleeping with a man who other women want but can’t have. She wants to feel like you’re the “prize” that she won.

This is why in order for you to learn how to attract ONE girl, you must first learn how to attract MANY different women.

This is also why one of the absolute easiest ways to build attraction with a girl you might not have met yet (but want to in the very near future), is to first meet another girl someplace else and then have the other girl who you were originally interested in talking to and sleeping with see you interact with this other attractive female.

This will cause this girl to “think” and begin “assuming” that you must be attractive to have this other pretty female fighting for your attention.

So how do you become a guy who has “options” and isn’t limited in the amount of women that he can date and sleep with? How can you begin cultivating an abundance mentality in your dating and sex life?

Here’s how: Don’t Focus On Talking To ONE Girl, Focus On Talking To MANY

The first thing that I want you to get out of your head is the dumb idea that you can attract ANY girl you want because this my friend is a false belief. You can’t attract any girl that you want (and for the record no man can, yes not even Brad Pitt).

But what you CAN do is learn how to attract MANY different kinds and types of women. You can turn yourself into a man who is able to start a conversation with a beautiful girl who happens to catch your interest, learn how to talk to and connect with her in a very confident and smooth manner, exchange phone numbers with her and know what to text her to get her out on a date with you, and ultimately take her to bed and sleep with her.

You must change your focus from trying to attract and talk to ONE girl to focusing on trying to attract and flirt with MANY.

You must focus not on getting just ONE girls phone number but getting 10 or 15 different phone numbers every single day.

And you must focus not on just texting ONE girl 100 times but instead on texting 50 different girls 2 times each.

This is how you become a man who have “options” and an abundance mentality.

You don’t put your focus on trying to convince ONE girl to “like” you, you instead focus your attention and efforts on learning how to attract MANY different women, all types of different women, numerous woman even, so that you know you will always be a man who has “options” with dating abundance.

You will never have to depend on only ONE girl to have sex with and go out with. Instead you will have 20 different women begging you to sleep with them and date them.

By focusing all of your efforts on becoming a man who has “options” and an abundance mentality you will open the door to having threesomes with beautiful women whenever you want, having your calendar lined up with more dates than you can handle, and in the end you’ll become the “guy” who all of the women chase and who all of the women pursue.

– Malcolm Thomas

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