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Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

satisfied“Am I Satisfied?”

I guess that’s the big question during that moment of self-reflection, where you look back at your life.

Perhaps a better question is, have I accomplished what I set out to do in my life?

Can you say that you are truly satisfied?

Well… are you truly satisfied?

Are you living the life you always wanted for yourself?

Are you enjoying a comfortable and good sex life?

If you’re answer is NO to even one of the above questions, then you cannot tell yourself that you are TRULY satisfied, now can you?

Let’s look at why YOU are not satisfied, and how YOU can change that so that you can live that satisfied life that you dream of!

No Control Over Your Life

Some of us are guilty of living a life that is impulsive and emotionally driven, I know I was. The problem with this, is that you have totally NO control over your life or it’s direction!

As horrifying as that may sound, you may suddenly find yourself in a hole six feet deep, dug by your own hands, with NO idea of how you got there!

I’ll incorporate this point with don’t listen to what others tell you and don’t worry about what they think of you.

If you live a life based on what you think people will approve of or just ‘go with the flow mentality’ then you’re not doing yourself ANY favors.

Remember that an Alpha Male is in control of his life, simply because he makes decisions based on what will improve his life, while paying little or NO attention to what others will think of him.


This may be the worst of the bunch. Nothing spells procrastination better than a ‘I’ll do it later attitude’.

If something needs to be done, then DO IT NOW! it’s as simple as that.

If you find it in your tendency to procrastinate, then making a timetable is your best way out.

The timetable will consist of a list of the things you hope to achieve by the end of the day, and the time that you will take to accomplish the task.

At the end of the day, tick the things you managed to accomplish, and have a ‘points for improvement column’, for all the tasks you were unable to perform and how you can improve this in the future.

Lack Of Creating A Good Plan

It goes without saying that if you hope to attain a life of satisfaction, then you need a plan of how you “hope” to achieve it.

If you already have a good plan, then that’s applaudible.

Now all you have to do is follow it, NO MATTER WHAT!

I think the most common mistake I see people make, and I cannot stress this loud enough is, DON’T EVER DOUBT YOUR PLAN!

Remember failure isn’t failure if you learn something from it, keep that in mind 😉

If your plan wasn’t good enough the first time but you still believed in it until the point where it ‘failed’, then all you have to do is patch it up and give it a reboot!

Why not create a new plan altogether?

There is this thing our mind does which I call ‘proof of failure’, whereby when you are down and depressed your mind reminds you of all past failed plans that you made.

This won’t be possible if you are still using Plan A, only a new and improved version.

If you give you’re mind only proof of success and shun out all the negative, then it will have NO CHOICE but to believe in it, like for instance, when you initially thought of plan A.

Although when you first created your plan you saw the down side to it and loop holes you still believed in it, so why should you all of a sudden lose faith in it now!


Now I am gonna try and tread my ground carefully here, as I am well aware there may be a few perfectionists readers reading this article.

If not this still applies to you 😉

Now in your road to true satisfaction, if you set unrealistic and perfectionistic goals, then this will only lead to disappointment and ultimately you GIVING UP on the road to true satisfaction!

Don’t give up.

If you have set a sound, attainable plan then there is no reason you should not attain it, even IF the entire universe is against you! 😉

At the same time you may be living a satisfying life but yet you are not AWARE of it.

It all boils down to the simple fact that at the end of the day, an A student is still an A student whether he scored 90% or 100%!

So if you fall in this group you’re a lucky bastard!

Sit back and enjoy what you worked for. Just don’t get to confy though 😉

If you aren’t lucky yet and are still with me, then you have just taken the first step in the journey towards a satisfied life.

Of course the list is way longer than this, but I cannot keep on updating this list forever.

So if you have read the article ‘What you need to know in order to be successful with women and life‘ then you will recall that I stressed out the importance of persistence in your success in life.

Persistence will help you face all other hindrance that come between you and the life you want.

If you haven’t read it, then I STRONGLY advise that you do!

forever and always,

– Dylan Simeon

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