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Act Like You’re a Powerful Man (and Attract Women at the Same Time)

Confident (1)Have you ever seen any James bond movie and observed how he acted with women?

James bond was a powerful man, and women sensed that.

Another powerful man is Harvey Spector, a fictional character in a show called ‘Suits’ in which he is a top notch lawyer who is respected by many.

Even though these characters are fictional, we can still learn a lot about them and how the way they act and behave around women particularly.

Now we ask, how can we become powerful men even if we aren’t the next James Bond or Harvey Spector?

Mimic Powerful Men

Imagine for a second that you were a highly respected lawyer, like Harvey Spector. Women LOVE Harvey Spector and men ENVY him.

He’s one of the best lawyers in the city and winning is the ONLY thing that he cares about. He can do one thing and do it amazingly as he is a highly talented lawyer.

Now, act like you are Harvey Spector and remind to yourself that you are a powerful man. How would a powerful man act?

Well first of all, he walks with his back straight and head high. I know that some people believe that you have to fake it to make it, and I believe that something simple as changing your posture can help you appear more confident.

Walk like you own the place! Don’t slouch or keep your head down when you’re walking, it makes you appear unconfident.

If you watch any James Bond movie, you can see the way he carries himself. He appears very calm when interacting with women and he ALWAYS seems to play his cards right.

So next time you go out, pretend like you’re James Bond and walk with confidence, talk with confidence and know that you’re the man and that women want to be all over you.

This does not mean to act like a douchebag, many confident people are also humble as well.

Another thing Harvey Spector does is that he walks with intention. He knows exactly what he is going to do and he is always focused on doing his job the BEST that he can.

Here’s a small exercise…

List some traits that you think a powerful man would have and then act in that way.

For example, I think that powerful men are: Confident, humble, well respected, and authoritative.

Now, I would act according to these traits.

I would constantly remind myself that I am a powerful man, and so I would keep my head high and my back straight and walk with confidence because of the traits I imagined myself to have.

Once you start acting like you’re a powerful man, you may notice women being attracted to you just because of the way you carry yourself!

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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