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Act Like She’s Your Slave

slaveI am going to tell you the secret to making girls chase you…

I am going to reveal the #1 secret to making ALL women respect you

I am going to reveal my #1 secret “trick” to making girls like me, become wet and aroused around me, and begin lusting after me…

This is the #1 way that you can attract ANY girl that you want…

This article is going to be a game-changer, perhaps a life altering experience, and it will show you the #1 secret, the biggest tactic, and the ONE super trick that NO girl wants you to hear or know about…

This is NOT hype, I have nothing to sell to you in this post, I am simply going to share with my fellow men, the ONE secret biological tactic that you will hear NOBODY else talk about…

Women won’t tell you this, pick-up artists won’t tell you this, none of your so called friends will even tell you this, but TODAY *I* will…

Get ready…

Act Like She’s Your Slave and She Will Treat You Like a King

Before I tell you why my strategy that I am about to share with you in a moment works so well, I want you first show you why the opposite approach with women fails so miserably almost always.

Most guys falsely believe that the key to getting into a girl’s pants is to be “nice”.

If you were to ask most guys what they believe is the key to getting girls, I guarantee that you will hear some answer similar to “You have to be nice and friendly, and be a gentleman, and treat them really well, and buy them nice things”.

You ask 99% of men what they believe is the key to getting girls and that is the answer that you will most of the time usually hear.

If you were to go around and ask most women what they believe a guy must do in order to attract them, you will usually hear something very similar to this…

“Well, if a guy wants me to like him then he must be able to make me laugh, he must have a great sense of humor, he must take me shopping and be real nice, and he also must have a great personality”.

That is the response that you will hear from 99% of women once you ask them the question of what a man must do in order to attract them. This is another reason why you should NEVER get dating advice from women.

BOTH of them are wrong. The men AND the women are both wrong.

How do I know this?

Because I have actually tried BOTH ways. I tried being super nice to women, I tried paying for dates, I tried being a gentleman and holding doors for girls and being their shopping buddy, and I NEVER even once got laid doing these things. 

Sure, I definitely had lot’s of female friends, women certainly did view me as a very dependable and reliable guy, and girls did say that I was very funny and I was able to make girls laugh, but still… NONE of them ever slept with me (or wanted to sleep with me).

To go shopping with me, oh SURE… that sounds like fun, to talk about their boyfriend problems with me… I was thought of as a guy who could understand and make girls feel better…

But to sleep with me?

“Gross, I am sorry but I just cannot see myself EVER having sex with you”… was the usual response that I would hear from them.

I soon figured out that being nice wasn’t getting me laid. Being nice did make girls want to be friendly towards me, but it didn’t make girls want to have sex with me.

I thought to myself… “I was following all of the conventional advice. I was doing what girls said that guys should do if they want to date them. I was being very considerate, I was taking it slow and trying to learn intriguing and interesting things about girls, I was trying to be funny, have a good sense of humor, and make girls laugh, but NONE of it worked”.

Was all of the conventional dating advice that I was reading in magazines and watching on Television just a “myth”?

Soon after I discovered and came across the pick-up artist community and although their advice ultimately didn’t work, at least the pick-up artists advice allowed me to get further with girls.

But I still knew that I could ultimately do better and that’s once I started recognizing the secret tactic that attracted girls like magnets. A secret biological trick that compelled a girl to chase a man even if he did not have good looks, a big bank account, or even a good sense of humor.

Once I started using this tactic, girls started becoming more and more attracted to me the instant I used it. Girls began doting on ME. Girls began wining and dining ME. And best of all… I had multiple women CHASING ME.

So how exactly did I do this?

I started treating girls like slaves.

Yes, the strategy works exactly as it reads. I began to treat girls like they were my slaves and they became more and more invested in me. I began treating girls like they were my slaves and they became more and more ATTRACTED to me.

Now let me explain to me why this strategy works so well…

Act Like She’s Your Slave (Or a Dog)

I have told you many times now that women respond much better to commands than they do to questions.

You can ask a girl a question and she will refuse your request. You can give that very same girl a command and she will follow your lead.

Girls respond best to men who give them orders. Girls respond best to men who act (and know) that they are better than girls.

You want success with women?

Adopt the mindset that women are your slaves.

Adopt the mindset that you are superior to women.

You are more valuable than women.

You do have much more to offer the world than the average woman does.

And truthfully?

Your life SHOULD be that way. You do have more value than the average woman.

What does the average woman really offer men besides just her looks and sex?

Not too much right?

The average woman offers you NOTHING that you cannot get from a different girl. She essentially has no value outside of her looks and sex. She cannot help you when it comes to business, she cannot help you when it comes to your career, the only thing that she is really good for is offering you sex and companionship.

So how should you act whenever you are around women? You should act like you are better than women. You should act like women are beneath you.

In other words, treat women like slaves. Command women. Give them orders. Tell them what to do. And watch them respond positively to you. Watch them become massively insanely ATTRACTED to you.

In the minds of women who are treated like slaves, THIS is the thought that runs through their heads:

“Wow… this guy is actually a man. For once in my life I have finally met a masculine man. a REAL MAN. Not a man who acts feminine, but a man who actually acts like a man”.

When you adopt the mindset of “Act like she’s your slave”… you begin to display traits and mannerisms of a very STRONG and masculine man.

Yes… You Should Treat Women Like Dogs

Now, you don’t abuse dogs, do you?

You love dogs, you take care of dogs, but you don’t let dogs walk all over you.

You tell a dog what to do. You say sit, come here.

Treat women the exact same way and watch their attraction for you INCREASE and grow more higher.

Give women commands just like you would a dog. Tell girls come here, sit, unbuckle my pants, rub my back, suck my cock.

Treat women like dogs and they will respect you more. Treat women like dogs and they will “like” you more. Treat women like dogs and they will want to have sex with you more.

So You Should Treat All Women Like Slaves and Dogs?

Yes… If you want to succeed with women, WITHOUT the headaches, WITHOUT spending all of your hard earned money on them, then you MUST treat women like slaves and dogs.

The #1 reason why women are SO attracted to alpha males is because alpha males treat women like slaves and alpha males ACT like men.

Women want you to act like a MAN. The problem is that so many men are falsely led on to believe that you should be weak, submissive, and a coward when interacting with women.

Guys are falsely led on to believe that you must buy women expensive gifts, take them out to a fancy restaurant every day, and then “hope” to “somehow” trick them into sleeping with you.

Listen to me: You do NOT need to “trick” girls into sleeping with you. That is only asking to get false rape accusations thrown your way later on.

Instead of trying to “trick” girls into sleeping with you, you should inspire girls to WANT to sleep with you because of the fantastic sexual experience in bed that you plan on giving them.

And the best way to adopt this mindset of acting like a man… The best way to adopt the mindset of “I am an attractive man and I will choose to reward and gift this girl with having wonderful sex with me” is to begin to treat girls like dogs and slaves.

Men dish out orders, women follow them.

Men build things, women clean them.

Men make decisions, women abide by them.

Start subtly reciting and thinking these things inside your head and you will begin to replicate the traits of how a real attractive man thinks and operates.

For I don’t care how much you tell a girl “I love you”

I don’t care how many times you wine and dine a girl and treat her nice

I don’t care how deeply and highly that you value a woman.

If you are not leading the relationship, if she does not respect you, and if she thinks and believes that the 2 of you are “equals”, she will cheat on you and leave you for a much more higher value man.

Women and men are NOT equals. That is a myth perpetrated by the media and regurgitated by the masses of zombies who watch that junk.

Act like she is your slave and she will FOREVER be deeply, highly, emotionally ATTRACTED to you.

– Malcolm Thomas

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