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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

how to tell if a girl likes you Many guys get caught up in the wrong things of figuring out if a girl genuinely likes them or not. 

They look at every little thing the woman may or may not do. They become obsessed with figuring out what she’s doing. When things don’t work out they complain constantly that girls are always playing games with them. 

Some guys focus too hard on trying or forcing a girl to like them. This comes off as chasing and once you start chasing, the girl gets bored fast. 

The good news is there are a number of ways in determining and being able to tell if a girl likes you.

7 Ways to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Screening: Let’s go back to the basics for a moment. The reason why so many guys end up disappointed with certain women is because they didn’t filter out bad leads. 

You have to ask if a girl is single and what’s she’s looking for. If a girl isn’t looking for anything, just move on. That is a bad lead. I know you may think she’s really attractive, but you’re suddenly more invested than she is. She knows you’re expressing interest, but she’s communicating she’s not open for anything. 

Screening helps save you time and resources on women that you won’t be getting anything from. Some guys just hope that by being nice, careful, and not taking risks women will drool all over them. Women love men that take risks and go after what they want.  

Now here’s what you should screen for to see if a woman likes you and is receptive:

*She’s engaging in the conversation with you. If the conversation feels like it’s being forced and she’s not communicating much, she’s not interested. If she’s smiling and appears to be having a good time then she’s interested. She will be twirling her hair and all that jazz.

*Touch, if she lets you touch her and doesn’t pull anyway or remove your hand she’s interested. Women love to be touched by men they find sexy. Here’s the thing though, now if you have your hand on a woman for TOO LONG she will pull it off, but I’m referring to 3 second firm touches. If she starts freaking out about that, she’s not attracted.

*If she’s being distant or coy, she is not interested.  Now some girls like to play these push-pull games to make you chase.   Some girls don’t want to be labeled as easy, so they want to make you work for it. However there is a strong difference from hard to get and IMPOSSIBLE to get. A little back and forth banter is okay, but if she’s doing it the WHOLE date, let her go.

*Flirting, this one can be tricky because women love getting attention. Women will flirt with a man all night and never go home with him. Some women will tease you and attempt to get you all excited. 

Here’s the thing: until she’s in your bed you never really have her. A lot of guys tell their friends “Man, me and that girl were flirting all night!”  and then someone asks if they got laid, and they sadly reply back no.

*If the girl will follow your lead and move with you. This is probably the best way to know and tell if a girl really likes you.  If she’s willing to come with you to a isolated area to talk more, she likes you. If she doesn’t want to move with you, she’s not into to you. Girls like you when they invest in you. That means helping to move the interaction forward with you.

*She’ll buy you stuff, women offer to buy me stuff all the time. When a girl likes you, she wants to take care of you and make you happy. She wants to please. It’s okay if you don’t understand this concept because men are typically raised to provide for women. However it is true, women will buy small things for you when they REALLY like you. This applies to short AND long term when it comes to women. 

Phone Numbers: This gets its own section because a lot of phone numbers don’t lead to dates.  

When a girl likes you and you text her, she will text you back!  I don’t care how “busy” she is, she will text you back. This is especially true for calling and she had her number, girls tell me all the time how they always have their phone on them. I watch girls ignore texts and calls from guys when they’re out on dates with me. It’s sad too watch because I know they’re pain. 

Here’s the thing though, girls give their number out to so many guys because they like receiving the attention. Now a lot of guys just send boring texts such as “Hey, wyd, or sup” those text don’t get you anywhere. She gets TONS of those a day.  Even average looking girls have tons of male fans.

Now getting back to the basics and relation to seduction, when you text a girl to set up a date and she replies back she likes you. If you text a girl for a date such as “Hey Jane, what’s your schedule like this week so we can meet up :)” you will usually receive back a very positive response.

Now I have heard some girls say they don’t have to reply to every text a guy sends. I respond “But if you like the guy you’ll respond right”, and the woman will reply yes. 

If a girl is just going to ignore you, just delete her number and move on. When a girl likes you and you’re being direct, she will want to get with you. This is what I meant earlier when a girl will communicate with you, if she’s busy she will offer a counter offer, “Hey Dave, I’m busy all this week. 🙁 But I can meet you next Tuesday :)” These are the type of responses you want to hear.  

A girl will also show great interest by actually showing up on a date.

Flaking: Women know they’re schedules fairly well.  When a girl flakes on a date, she’s more than likely not interested in seeing you. 

This is especially true when a lot of time between the initial interaction between you and her has passed. Women’s emotions flip flop so much it’s insane. The reason being is that you’re not the only thing or person that influences her emotions. She may not be all that excited about going out the house. 

I’ve had girls tell me they want to see me but they just don’t want to go anywhere. I just tell them we can stay in and watch a movie. Now just to clarify if something genuinely comes up, a woman will offer another date. If she flakes again your best bet is to simply move on. 

The longer that a girl goes without seeing you, you more likely that you won’t end up seeing her. When a girl likes you she will go on at least ONE date with you.  

The date: The woman likes you somewhat since she’s already out on the date with you.  Girls just don’t agree to go on dates with just ANYONE. They have so many more options, you stood out to her somewhat. 

Now here’s where some guys go wrong and make her lose interest: Guys will start to try and impress her and she will lose interest fast. However, if you’re still maintaining the sexy vibe, not chasing after women, and the date is going well then she will not want the night to end. 

She will be SO excited, and be expecting you to make a move on her. She will be expecting you to kiss her and lead the date towards sex. You can sleep with women on the first date, it’s not hard or impossible. You just have to lead and frame the interaction towards that. 

Here’s the clues to look for in order to be able to tell when a girl likes you on a date:

Smiles: She will be all smiles because she will feel like she’s met the man of her dreams.

Dress: She will come out dressed to impress, she will be looking sexy for you. Girls tell me all the time that they don’t get dressed up for nothing.

Excuses: She will be finding any excuse to touch and be close to you. She will give you signs that it time to get out and head home.

Closing: She will want to make out with you, kiss you, and hold you. She will want the man of her dreams in bed with her.  Now this applies if you actually handled the date right and everything went well. If you did something along the way that she didn’t like, you won’t be getting laid. 

Also, if she sees too much potential in you as a future boyfriend she won’t sleep with you. The reason being is because she wants to keep you around. This is why I stress to guys NOT to show too much value or interest. 

However, if the date went well she’ll invite you in if you’re at her place. That’s when you want to ramp up the sexual tension and make all the moves you can. If she really likes you she would’ve been dying to sleep with you at this point. Once you sleep with a girl on the first date or get intimate with her in any type of way the second date comes easy. 

Keep in mind though, that you must maintain a sexy vibe and keep a girl interested. Women love meeting sexy guys and they’re really interested in getting to you if you’re one of them.

Hopefully this article has given you some solid clues and advice on being able to tell if a girl likes you or not.

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