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7 Tips to Help You Get Laid in Bars and Clubs

mlThe #1 place that most newer guys try to get laid when they first learn about the pick-up artist community is in bars and clubs.

And in a lot of ways doing this makes the most sense…

At bars and clubs you have the opportunity to approach and talk to literally HUNDREDS of different women without being forced to worry about any serious repercussions.

At bars and clubs, most of the women show up looking beautiful, dressed up, and attractive.

And… at bars and clubs there is a certain demographic of women who go there looking to get laid and meet a sexy man.


If you want to learn how to get laid whenever you are out at bars and clubs, if you want to minimize your chances of facing harsh rejection from the women whom you encounter, and if you want to INCREASE your chances of meeting a cute girl who is sexually available and open to having a one night stand

then it is absolutely essential and crucial that you read and understand the next 7 tips that I am going to share with you that will help you get laid.

How to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs Tip #1: Look For and Approach the Women Who Are Alone By Themselves

I listed this tip first because it is by far the most important tip that you follow. Instead of having to struggle just to get laid, following this tip, getting laid will be as easy as 1-2-3.

When you are out at a bar or a nightclub (and this tip applies to day game also) you should always focus ONLY on approaching the women who are by themselves.

The reason for this is two-fold:

Women act different around their friends compared to how they act when they are alone with you.

When girls hang out with their female friends, they generally put on a front. Because all women in general have an inherent need and want to be liked, they will hide their more naughtier sluttier side in public in place for a more innocent side.

On top of this, no girl wants OTHER girls to think that they are a slut, so when you approach girls in groups, their defensive walls will be up MUCH higher, they will act more “harder to get”, and they will do everything in their power to give off the appearance and impression that they are NOT sluts…

… and this includes rejecting you for very superficial reasons, refusing to give you their phone numbers when you ask for it in front of their friends, and trying to see how well that their friends approve of you.

In other words, when you DONT approach women who are by themselves, you increase the amount of steps that is required in order to get laid. And the more steps that are involved to complete any particular type of goal, the less likely of a chance that you have of actually accomplishing that goal.

Looking for women who are out BY THEMSELVES at bars and nightclubs effectively eliminates and removes ALL of the obstacles that you would have to deal with than when you approach girls in groups.

When a girl is by herself and you approach her, you can talk to her as if you 2 are good old friends. You can begin to softly touch her and establish deeper rapport much more quickly.

No need to try to isolate her from the group because you 2 are already by yourselves. No need to try and figure out how her friends are getting home because that has already been taken care of too.

On top of this, women who are out at bars and clubs hanging out by themselves WANT to meet a man to have sex with. If they didn’t want to meet a sexy man, then they would NOT be out at a bar or a club. There would be no purpose.

Use this tip to your advantage because once you begin to focus ALL of your efforts on simply approaching girls who are alone hanging out by themselves, you significantly increase your odds and chances of getting laid that much higher.

Forget about approaching girls who are in groups and ONLY focus on approaching women who are alone by themselves.

How to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs Tip #2: Stay Sober

This tip may seem pretty “common sense” and obvious but it STILL must be stated.

Many guys are only able to approach women once they get liquid courage. In other words, they are only able to approach women AFTER they drink some alcohol which is very bad.

When you approach and talk to women once you are drunk:

  1. Your breath smells BAD which is very unattractive in and of itself and…
  2. You will make some very stupid and silly mistakes and come across as extremely clumsy. You will also slur your words, not speak clearly and loud enough, and turn lot’s of women off.

Yes, it is OKAY to go out to a bar or a club to party, have some fun, and even drink, but if your goal is to get laid and take a girl home with you, focus on limiting your alcohol intake and consumption.

How to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs Tip #3: Always Be Escalating and Moving The Interaction Forward

One concept that a lot of guys struggle with is sexual escalation.

That is, moving the interaction towards the desired outcome and goal that you want which should be to get laid and have sex with minimal resistance in the least amount of time.

To do this, you must learn how to sexually escalate with women. Doing this makes getting laid a snap.

Sadly most men do the exact opposite of this. Most men will meet a girl and talk to her, and talk to her, and talk to her…

And THEN once the girl makes some very obvious and clear signals that she likes the man, the man will just continue to keep on talking to her, talking to her, and talking to her some more.

The girl will end up getting frustrated and angry at the man for failing to recognize her attraction signals, and she will leave the man and walk away. And this man will almost always go home with blue balls.

A failure to escalate is the #1 biggest cause of this happening and it happens to most men usually without them even realizing it. You must always be escalating the interaction with a woman.

This means that once you first begin an interaction with a woman you should make it your focus to begin touching her

Once you have already begun touching her and having an interesting conversation with her, you should make plans to get her phone number…

After you get her phone number you should ask her what she is doing later on tonight or what she plans on doing after she leaves the bar or club…

Once you 2 are somewhere alone together you should focus on building up sexual tension and getting her horny, ready, and excited…

Then you continue to escalate the interaction and go to either her place or your place. Most girls will feel more comfortable going back to their own place usually though…

And you continue to escalate the interaction forward onwards and onwards until you eventually end up having sex with her…

Most men unfortunately FAIL to do this. Most men will continue to talk to a girl FOREVER until she eventually gets bored and leaves. She rationalizes to herself in her head “This man clearly is unable to recognize my signals, therefore this man must not be used to talking to women, and therefore this man must not be very successful with women either.”

All of this ends up happening in a matter of MINUTES because most men fail to sexually escalate. They fail to progress the interaction forward. And they fail to give a girl what she REALLY wants which is sex with an attractive sexy man.

How to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs Tip #4: Always Dress Nice and Look Good

Here is a very simple fact: Women are much more observant than men are.

I am dead serious. Women pay very close attention to the shoes that you are wearing and have on, women pay very close attention to your body language and your mannerism, women pay very close attention to how you interact and talk to OTHER people within your social circle.

The point is that women pay very close attention… including paying very close attention to what you are wearing. And THIS is where most men mess up and screw up their chances of getting laid.

Whenever you go out to a bar or a club with the intention to meet attractive women, always wear nice clothes. Wear shoes that look nice. Make sure that you clothes match and fit you well. Iron your clothes and make sure that you wear at least ONE unique item.

In one simple sentence: Always dress sharp and watch the amount of attraction you from women be ENORMOUS.

How to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs Tip #5: Approach LOT’S of Women

Picking up women is a numbers game. There, I said it. The ONE statement and fact that NO pick-up artist wants to acknowledge.

Picking up women is a numbers game and the more women that you approach, the more greater chance that you have to actually get laid.

Most men go out to a bar or club, and once they get there, they will approach and talk to only ONE or two girls. The most girls that they will approach and talk to is 5 different women which ultimately lowers their overall chances of actually succeeding with women.

When you want to get laid, you need to make it your mission to approach and talk to at least 20 different women. Yes, I said 20.

Doing this will allow you to develop social momentum, doing this will allow you to get more used to talking to different types of women who you would not usually talk to, and doing this will allow you to get laid with much more speed and consistency.

How to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs Tip #6: Look For Women Who Are Sexually Available

A girl could like you a LOT but still not have sex with you if she is not sexually available.

Conversely, a girl could NOT like you all that much but STILL have sex with you is she is sexually available, you have good logistics, and you focus on pushing the interaction forward and sexually escalating consistently.

In one sentence: Look for women who are down to fuck. Plain and simple.

Focus on spotting the girls who are wearing skimpy clothes, focus on seeing if a girl is continuously looking around the room as if she is “hoping” to meet a man, focus on looking for girls who are all alone by themselves.

Then once you get into a conversation with a girl, focus on sexually escalating, touching her, getting her and you alone together somewhere, and sealing the deal.

Don’t look for women who looking for boyfriends, look for women who are actively looking to have sex tonight!

How to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs Tip #7: Don’t Worry About Rejection, Focus On Your Process

Fear of rejection is by far the #1 thing that holds most men back from ever becoming successful with women.

Whenever you are out at a bar or club, instead of worrying about rejection, focus on perfecting your process.

What does this mean and look like?

Instead of trying to get ONE certain type of girl to like you, make it your mission to approach and talk to at least 20 different women.

Instead of trying to constantly call or text ONE girl, focus on calling or texting TEN different girls.

Instead of worrying about the negative and “what could happen”, focus entirely on the positive and “what ought to happen.”

Act as if learning how to pick up women is a game, and that your mission is to progress to the next level with each woman.

First you meet a girl and you begin talking to her and you and her both share interesting stories about yourselves.

Then you must find a way to either invite her back to your place or grab her phone number and set up a first date.

Then you must find a way to innocently touch her and establish some rapport and an emotional connection.

Onwards the game goes…

You must meet a girl and try to get to the next level with her, getting farther and farther.

Here is the truth: The most successful men get rejected by women a LOT more than unsuccessful guys.

But the difference is that after each rejection, the successful man continues to approach girls like a machine day in and day out like clockwork.

When the unsuccessful guy gets rejected by a girl he simply quits and goes home to watch internet porn and masturbate with his left hand.

Don’t focus on rejection or the end result with women, instead focus entirely on your process.

How to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs

If you follow these 7 tips and put them into action, you will get laid in bars and clubs with much more regularity and consistency.

You will stand out in a positive unique way, women will become magnetically attracted to you, and the other guys in the club will look on in your direction with jealousy.

Have fun getting laid and seducing beautiful women!

– Malcolm Thomas

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