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7 Tips to Help You Attract and Seduce Women Online

systenThere was a time, not too long ago, when I thought online dating was only for losers who either

  1. Were just too scared to approach a person they’re interested in or
  2. Didn’t have a chance of attracting anyone even if they did have the balls to approach them in person

Seriously, I thought online dating was for creeps and it made me think of some hopeless dork sitting around watching internet porn and jacking off.

The fact of the matter is I was being closed minded and judgmental. I didn’t even give it a chance because of all the preconceived notions I had towards online dating.

It wasn’t until I became a regular reader of Women Attracted that I ever considered giving online dating a try. I read an article by Malcolm which details several very good reasons why men should be using the great resource that is online dating. Since I had already put most of the rest of his advice into action in my own life I thought, “What the hell?” and I decided to give online dating a try. Let me tell you, once again, Malcolm was right!

In just under 3 weeks since I first created my profile for an online dating site I have managed to meet more women than in the previous 3 months COMBINED. Even better, I’ve had dates with 5 different women and I’ve had….well, I’ll put it this way… I’ve had tremendous success. I’ll let you decide what I mean by that.

In the following article I’d like to share with you guys the things I’ve done to allow me great success, in a fairly short time, with online dating as well as some of the mistakes I’ve made so, hopefully, you won’t make the same ones. For the sake of this article I’ll call the things I’ve done right ‘Correct Actions’ and where I’ve messed up ‘Lessons Learned’.

Correct Action #1: I created a great profile

Your online dating profile is where it all begins. Your profile is what you present to the women of the “world” of online dating. It represents you both in looks (because you post pics) and in personality. It is essential that you get this part right because, if you fuck it up, your chances of having women respond to your messages are very slim and the chance they’ll approach you is absolutely zero.

Your Mug Shot

Start with a GOOD picture of yourself. Make sure it’s a picture that really does a great job of showing off your looks to the women who will see it.

A couple of tips on the pic: It is my humble opinion that no matter how big and ripped you are (and I am both) you should not post any pics of yourself shirtless UNLESS it is a picture of you at the beach, a pool party or something like that. 

What I’m saying is, don’t make it obvious that you intentionally took your shirt off to pose for the camera and post it online. In the eyes of most women (I’ve asked real women and they’ve confirmed) it makes you look like a douche bag who thinks too much of himself. Trust me, if you do this, you will eliminate a lot of women who otherwise would probably be interested in you. 

Now, having said that, if you have a good shirtless pic of you from the beach, pool or whatever, and you actually have a body that will make women want to meet you, then by all means post that bad boy. 

Just be sure to keep it to one good shirtless pic and definitely no more than two. Any more than that and, again, you’ll look like a jack ass that is too into himself.

Also, please, for the love of God, don’t post pics of you and your damn cat!  Hey, I love animals.  I have two dogs and a cat but I sure as hell don’t want to post a pic, for women to see, of me and my furry little friends. 

The only thing I could think of that would make you look like less of an Alpha Male is if you posted a pic of you in a fucking skirt and some high heels. I could be wrong on this one and some of you may not agree but it’s my opinion that you shouldn’t do it. 

The one exception I can think of is if you have some bad ass Rottweiler’s or a Pitt bull and you take a good pic with them. That would probably look pretty cool. But if you have a toy poodle named Sparkles, leave em’ out of the pic.

One more thing on the pic, although I hate that I feel the need to even say this, don’t post pics of a man that isn’t you, in an attempt to fool women into thinking that’s what you look like. I believe MTV has a stupid ass show about this very thing. Seriously gentleman, this is some bitch shit.  

Have enough confidence and belief in yourself to show these women what you look like. The whole point is to actually meet them in person, NOT to become their message buddy, so they’re going to see what you really look like sooner or later. 

If you need to work on your appearance (shave, get a haircut, get a tan…whatever) then that’s cool. No problem. Just take care of it and, if you don’t already have a great pic of yourself, have someone take one of you looking your best!

Lesson Learned #1

When I first signed up I posted a few different pics of myself. Most of them were good but there was one that I wasn’t crazy about at all. Looking back I’d like to kick myself right in the ass. 

Why in the world would I post a pic of myself that I don’t like and don’t feel like it makes me look good? 

That was just stupid. The whole purpose of this online dating thing is to get women attracted to you, meet them and take them on dates. 

I quickly decided to take that pic down and I’m glad I did. Just as it is in everything in life, you need to have confidence in your profile and a HUGE factor in a great profile is the pic’s you post of yourself.

The Interrogation Phase

It’s pretty common for most online dating sites to ask you specific questions about yourself such as your gender, age, height, if you have children or not, if you’re divorced… shit like that. Those are easy to answer. 

But, they also ask questions in regards to what you’re looking for in a relationship, do you want to date casually or are you looking for something long-term, if you would like to have children and things of that nature. 

How you choose to answer these questions can really be determined by how you want to present yourself to women. You can approach it several different ways such as:

1. Answer the questions honestly.

If you’re a guy who is looking for a serious, committed relationship then I recommend that you make sure your answers reflect that.  However, you should do this without coming across as needy or desperate, which will ensure that no girl (at least not any worth having) will respond to your messages. 

If you want a relationship then say you want a relationship. If you’re just looking to meet women for some casual dating then let that be known.

However, if you choose to go that route, I highly recommend that you don’t come across as only wanting to hook up with women for sex.  Unless you’re on a dating site where it’s understood that sex is the whole purpose (and some of these sites do exist) coming across as only being interested in meeting women for sex will ensure that most girls won’t give you the time of day. 

Some girls will, but, are they the kind of women you would really feel safe sticking your dick in?

I sure wouldn’t.

2. Play it “cool”.

What I mean is, the way you answer the questions has the ability to make it look like you’re a laid back guy, who has plenty of options and isn’t, in any way, desperate to meet women. 

When you type up your “about me” on your profile you could mention that you’re just looking to meet nice girls (even if you’re really hoping for a girl who fucks on the first date), get to know them and see where it could possibly lead. 

Although women voluntarily sign up for these sites I’ve found that so many of them are very leery of meeting men online. They look for certain things that men “say” in their profile and, if anything you put in there raises a red flag to them, you can bet your ass they won’t respond to your messages. 

So, tread lightly and choose your words wisely. 

You want to come across as a normal man who’s interested in meeting women and not as someone who’s never had a date in his life and would do anything for the attention of a woman.  Even worse, you don’t want them to feel like they could end up blind folded and tied up in the back of your van.

3. Go the “bad boy” route.

Hey, I’ll admit it.  A lot of women are straight up attracted to bad boys, jerks, ass holes…whatever you want to call them. If you’re looking for girls who are a little on the wilder side this could be an option for you. 

You could say, in your answers, that you’re not looking for a relationship and that you’re only interested in dating. I’ve noticed quite a few women who come right out and say that they don’t want a relationship, only to date, so by you going this route you may possibly attract these women more effectively. 

However, just fair warning, you will most likely eliminate a lot of other girls who otherwise may be interested in you. And, even if you are choosing the bad boy role, it’s not effective for you to come across like you just want to fuck. If you do, it’s highly likely that you’ll scare the vast majority of women off.

Lesson Learned #2

Initially, when I was setting up my profile, the question was asked, was I looking for a relationship or not. Because I wasn’t looking for one, I put no. 

A few different girls I was interested in responded to my message but told me they felt I wasn’t looking for the same thing they are. In fact, one of them told me, “You’re hot but I know you’re just looking to get laid. I’m not that kind of girl.” 

Although I tried to persuade her that I’m not just interested in sex (although I would’ve loved to have given it to her), she wasn’t buying it. I haven’t heard from her since. 

So, if you do choose to say that you’re not looking for a relationship, be prepared for it to “turn off” some women.

Correct Action #2: I “approached” many women

When I set up my very first, and only, online dating profile, I spent the better part of that Friday night viewing women’s pics, reading their profiles and sending a message. 

Notice I said a message NOT several messages, which leads me to the next lesson learned…

Lesson Learned #3

At first, as much as I hate to admit it, if I didn’t receive a response to a message I sent to a woman, I would send her another one.

Now, I never sent more than two, without a response, but still…the second one made me look needy and desperate. I realize that now. 

I found this out the hard way when a girl I was attracted to finally responded to me. I had sent her a message, she didn’t respond, so I sent her another one. She finally got back to me days later and told me she was sorry and that she had just been busy.

I replied to tell her it was ok, hoping we would now start getting to know each other, but I never heard back from her after that. I’m sure the reason is because I came across as desperate to get her attention when I sent several messages.

It’s exactly the same as if/when you call or text a girl and she doesn’t reply right away. You shouldn’t freak out and start calling or texting time after time. Most likely the girl is just busy. 

Same thing goes with online dating and messages. Give em’ some time to get back to you. If they don’t, fuck it. Move on. There are plenty of women who are online specifically to find a man!

So…back to the correct action.

I sent every woman that I thought was attractive a message. And, let me tell you, there was quite a few of them. Just like in the “real world”, where you increase your odds of hooking up with a woman by approaching many of them, the same holds true in online dating. It simply comes down to a numbers game. 

I mean, why the hell not approach as many girls as you can? 

If they “reject” you, who gives a damn? 

Rejection simply does not matter whether you’re approaching a woman in person or online. And, even better, when you’re online you don’t have the added pressure or embarrassment associated with being rejected face to face. 

Another thing I’ve found is that rejection usually comes in the form of the woman just not responding to your message. I have yet to receive a message from a girl telling me, “No, I don’t like you. Fuck off!” 

When they’re not interested they simply just don’t reply to your message. To me, that shit is easy and completely eliminates what little fear of rejection I had left in me. 

The take home message is, if you think she’s pretty and you’d like to know her, date her, fuck her or whatever, send her a message! 

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Correct Action #3 I had something good to say

Ok, I can’t really take credit for this next piece of advice. I actually picked up this hot little tip from Malcolm’s book, Rapid Seduction Secrets. 

Every time I send a girl a message I think of something to say in the opening line that will catch her attention. Think about it like you’re in marketing or advertising. You need to say something that will catch the customers (the girls) attention. 

Trust me, the women on these sites receive SO many messages every day, some of them probably 100’s. Even the ones who look like they could play middle linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers probably receive quite a few. 

If you want them to notice and respond to your message you must say something original, interesting and eye catching! Play around with this. You could type some bizarre, off the wall shit in the opening line if you want, as long as you follow it up with a message that assures them you’re not a complete weirdo.

Some that I’ve used include:

  • “You and I aren’t going to get along AT ALL!”
  • “You’re not going to like me very much”
  • “Did you hear about the aliens they found?”
  • “You’re so lucky I sent you this message”
  • “I love that (whatever team) hat! I saw them play…”

Whatever you choose, the point is to type something that is outside of the lame ass, mediocre bull shit they are used to receiving from guys. 

You know, shit like, “damn baby girl you are sexy”. I’ll bet you a fistful of Applebee’s coupons they’ve heard that line going on 999 times. So, if you open your message with it, what reason do they really have to pay any more attention to you than they did the last ass hole that sent it? 

This is your chance to be unique, original and creative. It’s your chance to show your sense of humor, make them laugh, and establish some rapport. If you can make a woman smile, you’ve taken a major step towards breaking down her walls so she’ll let you in.

Lesson Learned #4

Just be sure to follow up your opening line, especially if it’s off the wall, with a few sentences that will establish the fact that you’re not a lunatic or serial killer. 

One time I made the mistake of opening with some bizarre shit and I failed to do a good job of emphasizing that I was only kidding. She may have the FBI looking into me at this very moment… 😉

Why not give it a try?

I really hope this article has at least opened your mind to the thought of trying online dating. 

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll see plenty of profile pics of women that you wouldn’t fuck with someone else’s dick. However, there are also SO many beautiful, intelligent and nice women who are online, actively looking for a man to bring into their life. 

If you’ll take the time to post some pictures of yourself and create a kick ass profile, chances are, you’ll be one of the men they choose.

For more advice on how to live your life like the true ALPHA male that you are, look for my new book, Unleash The Beast: How To Release Your Inner Alpha, dropping soon, right here on the best damn resource available in men’s self-improvement, Women Attracted!

Michael “The Wheel One” Wheeler

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