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7 Success Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

sexyiMany men dream of accomplishing their goals and achieving success in life. But the sad reality is that most men NEVER do.

All you have to do is simply look around you. Most men are working terrible 9 – 5 jobs, most men are dating “average” mediocre women, and most men have no goals, aspirations, or vision.

Most men are simply floating through life, waking up in the morning, going to work, clocking out, going home, and then simply repeating the exact same cycle the very next day.

In essence, most men will never achieve SUCCESS in life because most men do not want success BADLY enough.

Sure they would like to become more successful, but success to them is not life or death, do or die.

That is the difference between how most men view success and how *I* personally view success.

I NEED to become successful in life. I have no other choice. I simply cannot fathom living a boring, average, mediocre life. To me, that is torture and living a lifestyle like that would be hell.

And if you’re a man who regularly reads this site, then I already know that YOU are the exact same way.

You want to be a man who achieves his goals and accomplishes many great and marvelous things. So I want to help you realize your true potential.

In this article, you are going to learn 7 success tips that will help you achieve all of your goals in life and help you live a much more happier and better life.

Success Tip #1: Time Is Your Greatest Asset (So Make The Most Of It)

The #1 thing that we have in life that we absolutely can’t get back is our TIME.

You can make money and lose it, you can get a girlfriend and lose her too, but once you lose time you can NEVER get it back.

Once time passes you by, it’s gone and there is NO returning.

Which is why it is 100% essential to make the MOST of the time that you have left on earth.

You must ONLY focus on doing the things which you enjoy doing and brings you happiness and STOP doing the things that drain your time and that you absolutely HATE doing.

What do most people spend half of their lifetimes doing?

Working boring, soul draining 9 – 5 jobs that they absolutely HATE. They spend 5 days out of the week working some stupid factory job or corporate job and getting paid peanuts.

Most people do these things because they assume (incorrectly) that they are headed for success but really they are headed for failure and a life full of mediocrity.

I cannot stress this enough: You MUST NOT waste 40+ years of your life working some dead-end job and living paycheck to paycheck.

Instead you must do something (or find something) that fires you up in the morning and gets you pumped up and out of bed.

You must make the most of the time that you have left on earth, because I can absolutely promise you that you will never get that time back.

Time is your greatest commodity and asset, do NOT waste it, instead make the MOST of it.

Success Tip #2: The #1 Way to Make Money (and Never Again Be Forced to Live Paycheck to Paycheck)

Now let me share with you the #1 way to make money in this world.

If your goal is to start your own business, run your own successful company, or maybe even BUY an existing company, this is THE #1 way to make money in life and never be forced to be broke or work a dead end job ever again.

Focus on offering LOT’S OF VALUE and enhancing other people’s lives.

Focus on offering solutions to other people’s biggest problems and sticking points.

Focus on offering convenience to make people’s lives run much more better and smoother.

In other words, the #1 way to make money in this world is to focus on actually HELPING PEOPLE.

Yes, the old saying is true, “Give and You WILL Receive”.

If you help people solve all of THEIR problems, then they will help YOU solve all of YOUR problems.

And the best part is, it’s a mutual and beneficial relationship. You are helping THEM solve a big problem that they need to solve and they are giving YOU money in exchange for your advice, product, service, or idea.

The #1 way to make money is to HELP PEOPLE.

Because the simple truth of the matter is that, when you HELP PEOPLE, they will not mind helping YOU (by giving you money).

Success Tip #3: Talent is Overrated… All You Need to Succeed is Drive, Dedication, and Determination

Here is one very crucial secret to achieving success in life: The level of talent that you have doesn’t actually matter all too much. All that actually DOES matter is how much drive, dedication, and determination that you have about succeeding and accomplishing whatever goals that you set.

Take Bodybuilding and getting into shape for example: You could have ALL the money in the world, you could be signed up to the fanciest most stylish and expensive gym, and you could buy all the muscle building supplements that you want and NONE of those things guarantees that you will build an attractive sexy body that women lust after.

How come?

Because building muscle and acquiring a sexy physique costs you ONE important thing that cannot be bought or paid for: Sweat Equity.

In other words, in order to build an impressive body and get into shape, you have to actually make a COMMITMENT to go to the gym at least 3 times per week and work out hard.

But your commitment doesn’t stop there: You also have to make a commitment to begin eating more healthier and paying more attention to what you eat and getting a decent amount of protein into your body day in and day out.

And you can accomplish NONE of this stuff with ONLY talent. You accomplish this all with your drive, dedication, and determination.

This is exactly how achieving success works. When you are driven to succeed, and I mean REALLY driven to succeed no matter what the circumstances, then you WILL succeed. There is simply no getting around it.

Yes, having talent is all nice and dandy, but the people who ultimately succeed in life and get ahead, the men who go far and live truly extraordinary lives are usually the men with the least amount of actual natural talent.

It is the men who possess second to none work ethic, have a drive and thirst to succeed no matter what, and simply refuse to give up.

Success Tip #4: Never Strive to be like Normal People; Become Above Average

Most people who I meet in real life would not consider me to be like a normal person.

I mean, they can simply take one quick look at me and can instantly tell that I don’t live my life like the common “average” man. Well, these people are right.

With my desire and my drive, I am definitely NOT normal.

Normal people can be happy living a regular average life. I believe that there is more to life than just plodding through an average existence. And you should feel the same way.

Normal people are satisfied with just settling and never really putting in the effort to accomplish their goals.

Normal men are fine with simply settling with the FIRST girl who finds them attractive, and never really meeting and seducing their DREAM girl.

Normal people are satisfied with making only $45,000 per year and living paycheck to paycheck, and never really experiencing true financial freedom.

People like you and me want to get MORE out of life than simply just settling.

We want to do hobbies that excite us. We want to start businesses that actually HELP the community and fills a void. We are not satisfied with simply settling and plodding through an average existence.

Success Tip #5: Don’t Listen to the Naysayers, Only Listen to Your Inner Voice, Your Instincts

When you go around telling people what you plan to accomplish in the future, what most people will usually try to do is to talk you OUT of following through on your plans, dreams, and goals, because they do not believe that you will succeed or they believe that what you are attempting to do will not work.


If Mark Zurkerberg actually listened to his critics and naysayers, there would be no Facebook and the world would be worser off.

If Michael Jordan actually listened to his critics and naysayers he would have never gone on to become the greatest basketball player of all time.

And there are countless more examples of men achieving great things and lots of success because they simply REFUSED to listen to the critics, naysayer, and doubters.

The critics and naysayers are almost ALWAYS wrong.

Your critics and naysayers do not want you to succeed in life because it ends up making them look bad, lazy, and feeling guilty.

As long as you believe in yourself, have the work ethic to back up your faith, and are willing to put in the necessary work to accomplish your dreams, then there is NOTHING that you can’t do.

You can accomplish and do ANYTHING that you want.

The mind is a very powerful thing and what the mind says, the body does. Tell your mind positive things about yourself and there is NOTHING in this world that you cannot do.

NEVER listen to the naysayers or critics, only listen to your inner voice.

Success Tip #6: To Succeed You Must Want Success More Than Anything Else

I will be 100% honest with you: I was not blessed with natural “good looks” growing up, I am not the tallest man walking around, I don’t have the absolute BEST physique, and I did NOT get straight A’s growing up in school, however…

… NONE of that matters.

Today, I make more money than ALL of my old high school friends COMBINED and I can tell you for an absolute FACT that it’s NOT because I am super intelligent, a super genius, or highly intellectual.

Today I make more money than most people because I have more drive than anyone else that I know. I am hungrier for success than anyone I know. When I was growing up I wanted success so badly that it used to hurt.

Growing up all that I used to think about was ways that I can make money and never struggle living paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t want to be like the average person who is 65 years old and still working at Walmart.

I wanted to travel the world, do whatever it is that *I* wanted to do, and have true financial freedom.

And because I truly wanted to succeed in life, *REALLY* wanted to succeed in life, I did the things that most people did not want to spend their free time doing.

I stayed up late every single night after work reading books about successful people and learning about their mindset, thought patterns, and work ethic.

I would wake up early every single morning and learn how to build a website, how to type faster, or become a better writer.

I did all of these things in order to prepare myself for the opportunity.

At the time, all of my friends and family members would spend all of their leisure time partying, drinking, and having sex.

But not ME.

I was busy working and preparing myself for the future. I mean, I was ALWAYS constantly thinking about the future and where my life would end up 2 years from now, 3 years down the road.

While my friends and family members spent their free time getting drunk and partying, I spent all of *MY* free time learning, reading, gaining knowledge from wiser men before my time, learning all of their tricks, reverse engineering all of their success, what made THESE particular men successful and rich, and what made these OTHER men unsuccessful and poor.

I wanted to learn from the people before my time so that I did not waste my own time, because I couldn’t afford to waste any time, my time was too darn precious to be wasted.

I say all of this because most people say to themselves that they want to start their own business and work for themselves, and to those people I simply must ask this question:

Are you willing to pay the price?

Are you willing to give up Facebook, Instagram, video games, basketball, and anything else that doesn’t help you progress towards your goal?

Are you willing to quit your Day Job, Stop going to College, stop spending more money than what you have, and hurting your financial future?

Are you willing to spend HOURS and HOURS learning, reading, studying, and actually DOING?

If you can truthfully and honestly answer “YES” to all of these questions, then you my friend DO have a true strong desire for success and because of this, you will eventually find success.

Success Tip #7: Learn How to Turn Your Failures Into Successes

One of the biggest things that make some people successful and other people unsuccessful is that successful people know how to turn their failures into successes.

What exactly do I mean by this?

Let’s say that you want to improve your skills with women, so you begin cold approaching women in the daytime at your local mall.

The FIRST girl who you cold approach rejects you and tells you to “get lost”.

Some men will look at this situation and they will simply give up, murmur to themselves that women don’t like to be hit on by strangers, and continue being bitter at the world.

OTHER men (the smart and successful ones) will view this rejection as just another bump in the road and an obstacle that they will need to overcome.

A successful man will get rejected by a woman and say to himself:

“Okay, how could I have made my approach better?”

“What can I do next time to get a better initial reception from a girl who I cold approach?”

“Maybe, I should state my name and introduce myself before showing girls direct romantic interest”

THIS is how you need to begin looking at the various situations in your life. Don’t look at your failures as BAD things, begin looking at your failures as GOOD things. Experiences that you can learn from, lessons that you can improve on, etc.

If you fail at a business idea, don’t worry about it, because if it failed it actually HELPED YOU… now you know that THIS business idea is not the right one for YOU.

Never let the thought of failure stand in your way of succeeding, instead look at failure as your quick ticket to success.

Are You Ready to Achieve Success and Conquer Your Goals?

So what is stopping you from accomplishing your goals in life?

What specific bad habit is hindering you from progressing forward towards your goals?

What tips will you immediately put into action that you have learned from this article?

Honestly answer these questions and you will know what strategies you must implement and what actions you must take in order to reach your goals and achieve success.

– Malcolm Thomas 

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