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5 Things that Sabotage Your Success with Women

dfDo you know the 5 things that have the most power to sabotage your success with women before you even start to approach the first girl in your life?

Every man has the potential to be successful with women and to seduce his dream girls. Every man is able to learn how to seduce women and to change his life from average to extraordinary. The reason that just a few men reach this level has nothing to do with their looks or their material wealth.

The number one reason why a lot of guys won’t reach the goals that they set themselves has nothing to do with the external environment, but with their internal attitude.

In the same way as Hollywood stars sabotage themselves by taking drugs; even though they have everything that they want, a lot of men sabotage themselves when it comes to success with women, even though they have all the potential in the world to become successful seducers.

  1. Indecisiveness

The number one reasons why men fail before they even attempt to become better with women, is because they simply can’t decide what they want and when they want it. If you have absolutely NO plan where you want to go, it is very hard to motivate yourself to take the first step.

Really think about what you want out of this, before you approach the first girl. Do you want to have a girlfriend or do you want to travel the world in search of amazing women? Do you want to have sex with multiple girls or do you want to get married and start a family?

Realizing what you really want is the first step towards overcoming indecisiveness. Once you know what you want you should choose a point in time at which you start to pursue this goal.

  1. Porn

So many people tell you that porn is not good and now I am telling you the same. Well, I don’t think that porn is bad because it is immoral or because it is against Jesus. I don’t care about Jesus and I am the last person on earth who describes himself as being a moralizer.

However, porn has the power to demotivate you completely. Think about it for a minute. Why should you go out, approach women and go on dates with them before you have sex, when you have access to millions of naked girls on the web with a mouse click?

If you really want to become successful with women you should stop watching porn and get your motivation to hunt women back.

  1. Limiting Beliefs

You can either believe in yourself and be convinced that you have what it takes to get the ladies that you want. In this case you will become a successful seducer. On the other hand, you can believe that you don’t deserve the women that you truly want and that you don’t have what it takes.

No matter if you think that you CAN do something or that you can’t do something, in both cases you are absolutely right. Don’t make the mistakes and hold yourself back by limiting beliefs.

As soon as you believe that you deserve amazing women in your life, success WILL come.

     4. Misogynist Paroles

There are a lot of blogs out there that focus on self-improvement for men and a lot of them are worth more than gold. However, there are also some black sheep with a lot of articles that are extremely negative against women.

I don’t talk about sexual articles that some stupid feminists interpret as misogynist; I talk about the articles that literally say that women are worthless and that you should lie to them whenever you can. This stuff is out there and in the same way that I want to motivate you to become a seducer who is sexually confident and who loves women, those guys want to motivate you to hate women and to treat them like pieces of shit.

It is your decision which path you choose. All I want to say is that negativity attracts negativity. If you want to becomes successful with women AND a fulfilled man, you should stop poisoning your brain with negative propaganda.

  1. Excuses

Have you ever approached a woman with a direct compliment? If not, what were the thoughts that popped up in your mind the last time you didn’t do it, even though a hot girl walked past you?

Maybe you thought that you are not tall enough. It is also possible that you thought that you are not wealthy enough to attract such an amazing girl into your life. Maybe you also thought that she must have a boyfriend and that it is impossible that a woman who is that hot is still single.

No matter what you thought, your mind probably told you a hell of a lot of excuses that motivated you to NOT take action and to NOT approach her.

The good thing about excuses is that the word itself implies that they are just invented. That’s why it is absolutely okay when you simply ignore those thoughts.

– Sebastian Harris

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