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5 Things Every Seducer MUST Have

nice manThere are thousands of articles on the internet that talk about the qualities that a REAL seducer has to have.

We all know that you need self-confidence and that you should learn to deal with rejection

Of course it is important to know those things but instead of writing the tenth article about the personal qualities that you should have if you want to succeed with women, I decided to write about the material things that you have to have in order to become an unstoppable seducer.

Even though money can’t buy happiness, it definitely CAN buy a few other things that are quite useful for every aspiring seducer.

There are certain things that money can buy that are directly correlated to your future seduction success. Some things are even that powerful that they are able to prevent you from fucking up your life.

  1. Smartphone

The number one thing that every aspiring seducer MUST have is a smartphone. I know it sounds like the most logical thing in the world but you won’t believe what I experienced with a good friend of mine.

He had one of those old mobile phones without internet, without WhatsApp and without a Facebook Messenger. I know, hard to imagine, right?

He was interested in dumping his fat ex-girlfriend and wanted to finally get laid with the chicks he really wanted.

I revealed the name of my website to him, I coached him and I enjoyed his transformation from a shy guy to a lady killer. Unfortunately, his phone was not made for this transformation.

Because he had to send regular text messages to girls and called them for hours his phone bill was more expensive than what he would have paid for a coaching from Neil Strauss.

Don’t underestimate the amount of messages you have to send once you get a few phone numbers every day.

  1. Full Closet

Some people invest in stocks, others invest in gold but as an aspiring seducer you should skip all that and invest in your looks.

Yes, looks are important but not the way you think. It doesn’t really matter if you have a flawless face or if you look like mickey Rourke after his third failed operation.

It is not important if you have the face of a winner but it IS important that you have the style of a winner.

Invest some money in nice shirts, good jeans and a stylish jacket and your chances with the ladies are better than they have ever been before.

  1. Condoms

One thing that you definitely need as soon as you have learned how to seduce women is a box of condoms.

Of course the expenses for those little helpers vary extremely according to how much you use of them but if I were you I would always carry at least three with me.

Of course you can also take this risk and trust every woman who tells you that she is healthy and takes the pill but don’t complain if this leads to unwanted pregnancies and a burning dick.

  1. Seduction Books

Do you see all those books at the right side of this article? They were written in order to change your life.

I personally believe that every seducer should have at least ONE book that teaches him how to seduce women. This is absolutely essential if you want to become a true master of the art of seduction.

I have several books at home from various authors and I am convinced that I wouldn’t be as successful with women as I am today, if I wouldn’t have read all those books.

  1. Passport

I live in Germany and I think it is no secret that German women are by far not the most attractive ones. Unless you live in countries like Ukraine or Brazil, limiting yourself to the women of your home country is completely foolish.

This amazing planet has so many beautiful women to offer. Do yourself a favor and make the decision to hunt women all over the globe. I promise you that you will have the most AMAZING sexual experiences that you can possibly think of.

All you need in order to live the lifestyle of a global seducer is the willingness to succeed in the land of women and a passport.

– Sebastian Harris

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