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5 Style and Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know

tippyOne thing I have come to realize after interacting with HUNDREDS of men about dating success, attracting women, getting girlfriends, etc is that most men do not pay enough attention to their fundamentals.

Most men ask the same old typical questions that I have now come to expect from guys seeking dating advice:

“What do I say to girls after I approach them?”

“What should I text girls to make them WANT to go out on dates with me?”

“What is the correct way to ask a girl for her phone number?”

Now, these are all GOOD and very valid questions. And they MUST be answered and fully understood if you want to succeed with women.


The ONE question that I NEVER hear enough men ask is “How do I improve my looks?” or questions similar to that.

You know, I would actually prefer to hear more questions like:

“What are some ways that I can improve my fashion to attract more attention from the ladies?”

“What are some cool facial hair styles that women BEST respond to?”

“What type of Alpha Male body language attracts women to you the fastest?”

See, these are all great questions that I ENJOY answering. And here is why…

The #1 thing that women notice about you first is what you look like. And if you’re a man who is seeking greater success with women, you can either allow looks to help your game or hurt your game.

Here is the simple truth: The more better looking of a man that you are, the more chances and opportunities that women (and life?) will give you.

The odds and statistics are simply overwhelming. On average, better looking people lead happier, more successful lives than not so pleasant looking people.

Whether it is related to business opportunities, dating and romantic opportunities, or anything else. On average, good looking people’s chances of succeeding at something is FAR greater than not so good looking people.

So as a man who is hoping to improve his success with women, or financial success, or personal success, it would stand you well to learn some incredible style and grooming tips that can help make your life run much smoother.

And these are not your crappy “feel good” style and grooming tips that you’ll hear from Sesame Street. These are 5 very important style and grooming tips that every man should know.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

You would assume that if there was ONE style and grooming tip that every man followed, it would be THIS one. I mean, it shouldn’t be necessary for me to even state this but it simply MUST be stated…

You must maintain proper hygiene if you hope to ever attract women into your life. No ends or buts about it.

No girl wants to date or sleep with a man who does not brush his teeth, or does not take a shower, or does not believe in washing his clothes.

Listen to me fellas: If you are so lazy that you refuse to take proper care of your body, your health, and your hygiene, then there is NOTHING that I can do to help you improve your success with women. Plain and simple.

The truth is that attracting women does not start when you first begin a conversation, it does not start when you go on a first date, it starts when you first get out of bed in the morning and you how plan to present yourself to the outside world.

So to keep it simple, whenever you wake up in the morning, make sure to:

• Brush your teeth

• Take a shower

• Iron your clothes so that their not wrinkled

• Wear clean, fresh smelling clothes

• Wear clean, nice looking shoes.

Display Attractive Body Language

This is another thing that way too many men absolutely SUCK at!

Straighten your posture when you stand, keep your head up straight parallel to the ground and never look down.

Also every movement that you make should be done slowly. Walk slow, talk slow, observe your surroundings and ditch the cell phone

Following this ONE tip alone will allow you to notice more women who are trying to flirt with you and give you signals, allow you to come across as a much more powerful man, and improve your own confidence to boot.

Start doing it.

No Cheap, Dirty Shoes

When I say “cheap” I am not referring to the amount of money that you spend.There are plenty of moderately priced brands, for both sneakers and dress shoes, that will look good with whatever outfit that you wear.

When I say do not wear cheap shoes, I mean don’t just buy any old pair of shoes that you find at the clearance rack at Walmart, or at a thrift shop. And for the love of god, do NOT wear any old, crappy shoes that are dirty, filled with holes in them.

When it comes to fashion, the #1 thing that a girl first notices on a man is the shoes that he has on. Girls spend thousands of dollars on shoes every single year so you better believe that they are paying very close attention to the type of shoes that you are wearing.

No cheap, dirty shoes.

Don’t just get your hair “cut”. Get it styled 

Make sure that your hair is always looking nice, “on point”, and always presenting the best image of YOU.

Check out some men’s magazines (or better yet pick up this eBook from my good friend Michael Wheeler), and then choose a haircut that you think would look really cool on you.

Once you discover a certain hairstyle that you want to rock, take a photo of it to a top level hair salon or barber shop and tell them that you want to imitate that “look”.

Also make sure to pick up whatever hair product is necessary to maintain your new, attractive, sexy look.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss at least once a day

When you allow plaque to build up or you don’t floss often enough, it results in very nasty breath. You may not notice it. Women will!

Basically, keep your teeth clean, keep your teeth nice, and keep your breathe smelling good.

I have now made it a habit to brush my teeth at least twice a day and I ALWAYS brush and floss my teeth before I go out on a date with a woman or after I invite a girl home and plan to make out with her.

Trust me, your results with women WILL improve if you simply follow just this ONE tip.

Why It’s Important to Have Good Style, Groom Well, and Look Good

Maintaining good hygiene and having good fashion sense is about more than just looking and smelling good. It’s a way to convey to women that you are healthy.

The truth is that men who don’t practice good hygiene and grooming usually lead unhealthy lifestyles. This instantly turns women off and decreases your chances of ever succeeding with them.

Pay attention to how you look, dress, and SMELL. And in doing so, women will start to pay more attention to YOU.

Until next time,

– Malcolm Thomas

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