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5 Reasons Why You Suck At Online Dating

onlyOne area of game that many guys continue to struggle with is online dating. 

For most men, online dating is extremely hard, too difficult to succeed at, and does not favor the “average” man.

And I will admit, when I first got started many years ago, online dating did seem very hard and difficult for me to succeed at until…

I stopped being “average”. I stopped making the same foolish mistakes that most men are guilty of making. I stopped blending in and I started separating myself and coming across as a very unique and powerful man.

And in this article, I am going to reveal the 5 biggest mistakes most guys make with online dating that causes them to repeatedly FAIL with women. 

Then I will show you how to reverse these online dating mistakes and transform yourself from a man who SUCKS at online dating to a man who gets laid consistently with online dating.

The 5 Biggest Reasons Why You SUCK At Online Dating

Listed below are the 5 biggest reasons why you suck at online dating.

These are by far the most common (and biggest) mistakes that most guys are guilty of making when it comes to online dating.

Hopefully, by you seeing the most common mistakes listed here (and learning why they are ineffective), you can avoid making these same mistakes in the future.

Online Dating Mistake #1: You Don’t Message Enough Women

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Online dating is a number’s game. Period.

The more girls that you interact with online, the more higher your chances of succeeding are. A very simple concept and something that we all know to be intuitively true.

But then what do most men actually do when they try their hand at online dating?

Most guys will sign up for an online dating site, look at all of the various different profiles of women online, and then… only message 1 or 2 of them.

This is exactly what most men do: They visit an online dating site, they look at all of the different profiles, they find 2 or 3 girls who they REALLY like, and they try to message them, they fail to receive back a response, and then they quit and go back to masturbating to internet porn.

Sorry, but you cannot expect to go online, message ONLY 2 or 3 girls, and hope to get a response back. You cannot even expect this strategy to work in REAL LIFE either.

To succeed with online dating (and with dating in general) you have to approach a HUGE quantity of women. In essence, to succeed with women, you have to get used to talking to LOT’S of different women.

Doing this instantly lowers your anxiety level because you are not trying to attract ONE girl.

Doing this also allows you to see the forest for the trees (instead of you trying to attract one girl who you REALLY like).

Doing this also helps you develop that powerful abundance mentality which is SO important for attracting girls to begin with.

Instead of having the bad habit of messaging too little women, start to develop the habit of messaging TOO MANY women. This is the KEY to getting good with women fast.

Online Dating Mistake #2: Your Online Dating Profile Sucks

This common mistake simply MUST be stated: Most men have crappy online dating profiles.

Most men make the mistake of writing their online dating profile too logically and trying to impress women.

The 2 biggest most common approaches is the “Boring Guy” profile where a guy simply lists a bunch of facts about himself without injecting any sort of humor or creativity into his profile and the “Logical Guy” profile where a guy tries to convince girls why they should want to date him.

The Boring Guy profile will usually read something similar to this:

“Hello everyone, My name is Tom and I am an engineer. I signed up for this online dating site because my girlfriend recently dumped me and I am trying to meet a girl who I can connect and get along with…”

He will then go on listing logical and very BORING facts about his life that NOBODY wants to read. This man fails at online dating because his online dating profile SUCKS.

The “Logical Guy” profile fails too but not for the exact same reasons. He fails with women because he tries to impress them, convince them that he has attractive traits, and brags about his material possessions.

To put it simple, women are NOT attracted to men who try to impress them. This instantly turns women off and makes you look try-hard too.

A great online dating profile not only gets MORE responses, it also gets women to write to you FIRST.

In fact, when you have a great online dating profile, you could actually send women the most boring, generic first message, and you will STILL receive back a response because the girls who read your message will end up clicking on your profile, viewing it, and becoming attracted to you based on how well-written your online dating profile is.

Online Dating Mistake #3: You Spend TOO MUCH Time Talking to Individual Women Online

Yes, I know that I listed above that a big mistake a lot of guys make is not messaging enough women. Well, this mistake is also very common and a big reason why so many men simply cannot get dates or phone numbers with online dating.

So you manage to get a girl to respond to your initial first message, and then what happens?

Well, I can tell you what usually happens to most men after this usually ends up happening.

A girl will respond back to a guys initial first message, and the guy immediately and eagerly responds back to her message, and then the guy and the girl will go on to talk for HOURS and sometimes even DAYS before him ever suggesting a meet-up.

And then once he does (*if* he does) ask the girl out, she will usually politely decline his offer and invitation for a date. Or… if she doesn’t do this, she will simply stop responding to his messages afterwards and straight up ignore him.

And what will the guy end up doing after all of this happens?

He will talk to another girl online and make the exact same mistake.

Listen closely: When dating online, time is your absolute ENEMY.

Every single MINUTE that passes between when you first start messaging a woman back and forth and when you actually meet her in person REDUCES your chances of ever seeing her.

This is why it is so important NOT to waste too much time bantering with women on an online dating site or sharing emotional stories with women online.

Your goal is simply to set up a date with a girl online and get her to meet up with you IN PERSON.

Most men fail to do this which is why most guys have such dismal results online. Avoid making THIS mistake and your results with online dating will instantly improve almost overnight.

Online Dating Mistake #4: You Spend Too Much Time Reading A Woman’s Profile

Listen, it would be great if you could just log onto an online dating site, find a woman whom you like, read her profile, and then message her and try to begin a conversation and connect with her.

That is NOT what usually ends up happening though.

If you spend all of your precious time reading a bunch of profiles, you will begin feeling exhausted and drained AND… you will increase your chances of becoming too invested in winning over ONE particular girl because you will rationalize to yourself that she and you both have so much in common.

DO NOT ever read a woman’s online dating profile. Resist the temptation. Fight the urge and ONLY focus on messaging lot’s and lot’s of different women.

90% of your time online should be spent messaging women, NOT reading their profiles.

Try to avoid making THIS mistake and you will see the amount of dates that you go on, perhaps TRIPLE.

Online Dating Mistake #5: You Fail to Exchange Phone Numbers and Set Up a Date After 3 Messages

This is the big one. The biggest mistake that most guys make with online dating that costs them dates, lays, phone numbers, and girlfriends.

The mistake is failing to set up a date and exchange phone numbers in a fast enough period of time.

Most guys it seems would rather spend HOURS and HOURS talking to girls online instead of quickly messaging these women, exchanging phone numbers, setting up dates, going on DATES, and HAVING SEX.

I listed this mistake and reason last because it is the most important.

By you adhering to my 3 message/exchange phone numbers/ set up a date strategy you…

Prevent yourself from wasting time talking to women who are indecisive, flakey, and not really serious about meeting up with you in REAL LIFE to begin with.

You prevent yourself from ever chasing women and trying to make girls like you, make girls laugh, and hope that they say “Yes” when you ask them out

You enable yourself to date and sleep with MUCH HOTTER women because you let girls know instantly that you are a man who has balls, will not allow for his time to get wasted, and has other “options”.

After exchanging 3 back and forth messages with a woman, I invite her out on a date and exchange phone numbers.

If she says “Yes” (and most girls usually do) I handle logistics and arrange and set up the time and place for our first date.

If she says “No” (which is why online dating will always be a numbers game) I simply move on and continue to interact with other women online.

This keeps things simple. It keeps you feeling CONFIDENT. And it effectively eliminates any thoughts of neediness of desperation from ever appearing in your mind.

How to Never Suck At Online Dating Again

Going from sucking to being a master at online dating isn’t necessarily that easy.

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-Malcolm Thomas

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