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5 Reasons Why You Should Begin Using Online Dating to Meet Women

ontime I must admit, it is extremely fun meeting and interacting with the women you meet in your regular day-to-day life.

A man who is able to go anywhere and at a moment’s notice, begin talking to an attractive woman, and get her invested and attracted to him  is powerful.

But, with that said…

There are SOME men out there who’s schedules simply don’t allow this type of activity.

These men legitimately do NOT have ANY time to meet girls out during the day time, talk and banter with them for an extended duration of time, and get their phone numbers.

These men NEED to learn OTHER ways to go about meeting women due to their personal time constraints and difficulties.

Well… this article was written for these few particular men.

Online dating today is very popular and many very attractive and single women sign up for online dating sites every single day ACTIVELY LOOKING to meet sexy and single men.

This article will list the reasons for why you should begin using online dating to meet women and how doing so can actually improve your real-life interactions with women as well. 

Reason #1: Meeting women online is FREE and doesn’t cost you any money whatsoever

Meeting women online usually will not cost you any money whatsoever. As a matter of fact, most of time it’s completely FREE (well the good sites are free anyway).

That same thing can’t be said when you try to pick up women at bars and clubs. You usually have to first pay in order to get into the club and then you have to pay for overpriced drinks that taste like crap.

As for the men attempting to pick up women during the daytime, you have to pay for expensive clothes to wear and it could end up costing you gas money in order to drive down to the central parts of your city where all of the attractive women hang out.

Meeting women online doesn’t cost you ANY money and that is always a good thing.

Reason #2: It’s the most time efficient way to meet new women

The beauty about online dating is that you can do it whenever the hell that you want. You don’t have to wait until after dark or night time to meet women like you have to do with bars and clubs. And you also are not limited to only interacting with women during the daytime like daygame.

On top of that, with online dating you are not forced to have to dress up and put on some expensive clothes. You can literally talk and chat with beautiful women while you are sitting at home in your underwears. What’s more better than that?

On top of that, you can use the power of online dating to meet women around your schedule and when your time allows unlike night game where you are forced to ONLY meet women on Friday and Saturday nights.

Reason #3: You can talk to a large quantity of women in a very short amount of time

In real life, it can take you HOURS (or maybe even longer) to open and talk to hundreds of different women. With online dating, you can easily open and talk to LOTS of different women in a very short amount of time without any effort whatsoever.

As you probably already know: Dating is a number’s game and the more women you talk to, the higher your success rate is going to be.

This makes online dating PERFECT if your goal is to attract, date, and sleep with a large quanitity of beautiful women. You can fire off an online opener to a girl online and then 10 seconds later fire off another opener to a beautiful, single woman.

There is NO other form of game that you can do that with besides online dating.

Reason #4: Women who sign up for online dating sites are ACTIVELY LOOKING to meet an attractive man.

This makes your life easier for many different reasons. The women you meet and talk to on online dating sites are usually ACTIVELY LOOKING to meet a sexy man. The exact same thing can’t be said for daygame or even nightgame.

When you are out trying to pick up girls using daygame, some girls are out going grocery shopping, some girls are out to pick up their kids from school or work, and some girls could be out waiting to meet up with their boyfriends.

When you are trying to meet girls using night game, some girls are out to celebrate their friends birthday parties, some girls are out to meet up with their girlfriends and chat, and a few girls (a very small minority) are out looking to hook up with men.

With online dating and online game, what you see is what you get. The women are on online dating sites to meet men.

Whether their goal is to get a one night stand, get a boyfriend, one thing is for sure, the women are on online dating sites to meet men.

Reason #5: With online dating you don’t have to face the sting of rejection like you would in real life.

Heres the truth: It is actually easier to meet women online than in real life.

With online dating you don’t have to face the pain of rejection like you would in real life. As a matter of fact, with online dating rejection is EASY.

When women “reject” you online, they just don’t write back to you and they ignore your message. What’s so bad about getting “rejected” in that manner?

On top of that, with online dating you will not suffer as much (or any) approach anxiety. This allows you to contact and talk to DOUBLE (or maybe even TRIPLE) the amount of women that you would in real life.

Start Using Online Dating to Meet More Women

There is absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t be using online dating in order to supplement your dating “options” in order to achieve true dating abundance.

In addition to supplementing your dating options, online dating will give you the opportunity to learn how to talk to women and become good at having first dates.

It’s really a win win situation.

Start meeting women online and begin filling up your calendar with dates.

– Malcolm Thomas

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