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5 Reasons Why You DON’T Get Laid

ssLet’s face it: 95% of men walking the earth CANNOT get laid.

Most men are unattractive, are NOT sexy, have no discipline or charisma, and have absolutely NO fashion sense.

In a nutshell, most guys SUCK with women. And they chase women.

Most guys are too nice. And they falsely believe that paying for dates is the KEY to getting girls into bed.

However… Most men do NOT fail to get laid precisely BECAUSE of these particular reasons. As a matter fact, most guys DON’T get laid because they just do some very stupid boneheaded things.

This article aims to address these problems that most men are guilty of making. In other words, it is THESE mistakes that causes guys to LOSE girls that they could otherwise GET.

So here it is: The 5 reasons why most guys (and you?) DON’T get laid.

Why You CAN’T Get Laid: You Move Too Slow (and Not Fast)

Most men take far too long to take action on the signals and signs that girls give them. Most men spend far too much time procrastinating and taking NO action instead of taking SOME action.

Listen very closely: A girls attraction is never static and WILL eventually decrease if you fail to recognize her attraction signals and TAKE ACTION.

What does all of this mean?

It means that if you have been talking to a girl for 10 minutes or longer, it is time for you to either get her phone number or invite her back to your place.

If you have been texting a girl for an extended length of time, it is time for you to ask her out on a date.

If you managed to get a girl back to your place and you have been talking to her for 15 or more minutes, it is time for you to just shut up, kiss her, and escalate to sex.

When it comes to dating and picking up women, you should always err on the side of taking the WRONG action instead of taking NO action.

Girls will forgive a man for moving too fast and trying to have sex with them on a first date…

… But they will NEVER forgive a man if he STILL has not made a move after THREE dates.

The first man girls view as being a REAL man who is not afraid to go after what he wants. The second man girls view as asexual, a wimp, and he will very quickly be placed into the “friend zone”.

Always err on the side of taking action and moving fast, and for the love of god, NEVER wait until date number 10 in order to eventually make a move.

Why You CAN’T Get Laid: You Focus on Reactions instead of Results

Far too many guys go to bars and clubs with the intention to make girls laugh instead of having the specific and very clear goal to get laid. Or worse, guys go out attempting to pick up girls having NO goal at all.

What exactly do I mean when I say that too many guys focus on getting reactions instead of results?

A guy will approach a girl and he will manage to use humor and make her laugh and mistake flirtation for ATTRACTION.

Or a guy will start a conversation with a new girl and because she does not immediately EJECT from the conversation with him, he will falsely ASSUME that this must mean that she likes him, wants to date him, and sleep with him.

In the first example, the girl is laughing because the guy is saying funny jokes and entertaining her. In her mind, this is a man who can keep her entertained and give her some attention until she meets the man (definitely NOT him) who takes her home and really entertains her in other much more pleasurable ways.

In the second example, the girl is simply being nice and friendly in response to the guy having the courage to approach her.


Because this is the most socially correct thing for her to do.

So how do you STOP getting reactions from women and START getting results with women?

You put the ball in their court and FORCE them to make a decision.

So for example, if you have been talking to a girl for 15 minutes at a nightclub and you think she likes you but you are not really sure, you ask her to move with you, or sit down with you, or go home with you.

If you are out on a date with a girl and you think it is going well, and she likes you, and is laughing at your jokes, you invite her back to your place for a nightcap.

In both instances, you FORCE a girl to take action and make a decision. And that decision is, does she want to progress the interaction and keep it going smoothly OR… does she not?

Either way, doing this will get you the results you are seeking or it won’t and you can move on and continue to approach and interact with OTHER girls.

Why You CAN’T Get Laid: You Don’t Talk to LOT’S of Girls

To get good with women fast and get laid even faster, you must, I repeat you MUST talk to a large quantity of women. Doing this is required if you want to guarantee your chances of actually getting laid.

And this rule applies no matter WHAT type of game that you do. Whether it is Online Dating, Day Game, Night Game, Social Circle Game, or whatever.

You must interact and talk to LOTS of girls if you want to ensure your chances of getting laid on any given day or night.

So if you want to pick up girls online and get laid in the shortest amount of time possible, you must make it your mission to message at least 100 different girls PER DAY.

If you want to approach women in the daytime and get laid, you must make it your goal to approach and talk to at least 75 different girls PER DAY.

Doing all of this helps you out in 2 different ways:

You will get better with women faster because by you approaching MORE girls and interacting with them, you will learn from your mistakes, you will see how far you can push the envelope with new girls, and you will see just how fast you can move with new girls.

You INCREASE of odds and overall goal of getting laid. Statistically speaking, by definition, the more women you talk to and interact with, the more higher and likely your odds of getting laid.

To maximize your chances of getting laid, you MUST put in the necessary and required numbers.

Why You CAN’T Get Laid: You Only Approach Girls Who You Believe Are Perfect “10’s”

Now of course, in terms of rating girls using numbers, it is ENTIRELY subjective. My “10” might be your “6” and your “10” might be my “7”.

But nonetheless, many guys have this problem of ONLY approaching girls who they believe are perfect “10’s.”

Now on the surface, this strategy may appear to make sense. Why should you NOT only approach girls who you are highly attracted to?

There is several problems with this strategy:

1. If you have approach anxiety, you more than likely will NEVER overcome it. This is because by you ONLY approaching girls who you believe are highly beautiful, you let THOUSANDS of otherwise “cute” attractive girls walk right out of your life.

2. This causes inertia. If the body gets too used to not taking action, it becomes trained to NOT take action. Obviously as a man who wants to meet, date, and attract beautiful women, this is not a very smart or effective strategy.

Want to know a much more better strategy?

Training yourself to approach girls who you believe are “cute”.

This allows you to approach and talk to lots of more girls in a much shorter amount of time.

This allows you to refine your approach, figure out what you are doing that is working and what you are doing that is not, and of course, demolish whatever approach anxiety you previously had.

Don’t focus on approaching perfect “10’s”, focus on approaching “cute” girls.

Why You CAN’T Get Laid: You Don’t Care About Your Image

This is perhaps the #1 reason why most guys fail with women and cannot get laid.

They do not care about their personal image.

I NEVER leave my house not looking my best. I NEVER leave my house not properly bathed or showered. And I NEVER ever leave my house wearing clothes that do not fit me well.

If you read the article I wrote a while back “How to Get Laid: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need” you know that one of the TOP 3 ways to increase your chances of getting laid is to LOOK GOOD.

The simple process for getting laid looks like this:

• Look Good

• Talk to Girls

• Get Laid

Way too many guys spend HOURS trying to figure out what to say, the right pick up lines to use, etc instead of spending an equal amount of time focusing on IMPROVING THEIR LOOKS.

You better not worry about coming up with the best conversation starter to use in the daytime if you leave your house smelling like crap and wearing dirty worn out shoes.

You better not stress out over sending the perfect text message to a girl if you failed to brush your teeth earlier in the morning.

Your image, more importantly, your personal image, has a direct correlation and effect on ALL of the success that you achieve in life.

It’s simple really. Good looking people on average have BETTER jobs, make MORE money, and date HOTTER women.

If you want to date HOT women, make a lot of money, and achieve more success in your life, then you have to focus on LOOKING GOOD. No and’s or but’s about it.

Use These Tips and Start Getting Laid

So you have been shown the reasons why most men fail to get laid and you now know what must be done instead.

So what excuse do you really have to NOT be sleeping with at least 1 or 2 new pretty attractive girls per month?

What excuse do you have to STILL not have a sexy girlfriend?

The time to take action and turn your dating and sex life around is NOW and not 1 second later.

Take action now, reap the benefits and rewards later.

– Malcolm Thomas

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