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5 Reasons to Learn the Language of the Girl You are Dating

swqIn case you are familiar with my website you already know that I love to date women from all over the world and that I derive the most satisfaction from spending my time having sex with beautiful exotic women.

In the last couple of years I traveled to quite a few countries and with every new country I have been to, I realized more and more that the hottest girls on this planet sometimes don’t speak English.

If you also love to travel and to have sexual adventures during your travels you know how frustrating it is to approach an insanely hot woman, just to find out that she can’t understand a freaking word you say.

Of course the best way to solve this problem is by learning the language from the women that you are dating. However, I must stay realistic. You simply can’t learn every language on this planet in a way that allows you to communicate with the women from those countries.

However, if you are totally into one specific type of women you should definitely think about learning the language of their home country. I personally love Asian women and my current girlfriend is Thai.

Even though she is pretty much fluent in English, I promised myself that I am going to learn Thai. Yes, it will be difficult but it will be absolutely worth it. I know that having the ability to speak Thai will be extremely beneficial for our relationship.

Let’s have a look at all the reasons why you should learn the language of the girl you are dating.

  1. She Will Respect You More

The first reason why you should invest some time and energy into learning the language of the girl you are dating is because she will respect you for doing this. On the one hand, she will respect you for making an effort and on the other hand she will respect you for being not one of those ignorant foreigners who don’t give a shit about her culture.

Learning the language shows that you are not only interested in her pussy, but also in her life, her culture and her background. Especially girls from countries where foreigners are well-known for being ignorant will respect you for that.

  1. No Misunderstandings

Have you ever dated a foreign girl and she freaked out when you said something completely innocent? Well, if not you are a lucky man. I once had the experience where a girl thought I was insulting her parents, even if I just made an innocent joke about family life.

If you communicate to a girl in a language that she only understands to 50% it is pre-programmed that you will have some major misunderstandings. Some of those misunderstandings are funny and others have the power to put the relationship to the test.

  1. Easier to Start a Life together

Let’s assume that you not only want to bang the girl you are currently dating for a few times but that you are really in love with this girl. Congratulations but if you can’t speak her language it will be harder for your relationship to survive the first few weeks.

Let’s assume you met a girl from a certain country. You love her and you also love the country. You plan to move together with her. The only thing you don’t love is her language. Well, unless you speak her language it will become difficult to find a job there, it will be difficult to find friends and it will be difficult to feel at home.

  1. Show that You are Serious

Learning the language of the girl you are dating is also a sign that you are serious about that relationship. Sometimes women don’t believe that a man really means it serious. By learning her mother tongue you basically prove to her that you are different.

No man on earth would invest all the time and effort to learn the language of a girl, just to run away after a few weeks.

  1. Make Her Fall for You

If you combine all the reasons that I have just talked about you will realize that there is one reason to learn her language that is more important than anything else.

By learning her language your behavior and your actions will have an extreme emotional impact on her. I promise you that during the time you study her language, she will fall more and more for you.

– Sebastian Harris

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